Because the J-man sent me a pic…

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…and I couldn’t resist.


Raspbury’s listening space

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I went to one of Raspbury’s impromptu shows at his parcel for the first time a few days ago. It’s a small parcel littered with delightfully random seating, games, and a stage in one corner. He took his place on the stage and encouraged people to take advantage of the stripper pole, lap dance chair, and whatever else while he did his thing. For a while I sat on one of the mushrooms up front, but retreated to the tree when I discovered it had an embedded pose. I wish more trees had embedded sits.

A few more “lasts”

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…on their own because I like it that way.

The last time I hung out with Lucian, he took me for a ride on his motorcycle across several snowy mainland regions.

The last photo I snapped when he wasn’t looking…heh. This was the night I picked up my things at Reverie.

I suppose this one isn’t really a last, unless you count the fact that it’s the last picture on this post. It’s also my last/latest/current profile picture.

All of ^that^, by the way, is what this post was referring to.


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I think this was the last time the three of us spent any time together. This picture was taken on my parcel about two weeks ago, right before they stopped talking to each other. Reverie is now on hold indefinitely.

This was the last time I spent some one on one time with Battle. This was taken on a sofa in Steel Spider, a club he was working on at the time. As far as I know, Steel Spider is also on hold. I wonder if they googled Steel Spider before deciding on that name.

One of the last times I worked at Fight Club. I hosted for Velvet during my two week holiday and quit when RL went back to normal. Not a bad place, but I don’t miss it.

Took this one the last time I went to the beach. I never seem to dress appropriately when I go there. Maybe next time I’ll put on a swimsuit or something.

The last time I went to Rotten Toe, a refrigerator tried to ingest me.

And here’s the last time I nearly lagged out at a concert. If I remember correctly, that was taken at a Raspbury Rearwin show that I dragged Battle along to see. I sat on a chair and found myself on the opposite corner of the sim. Don’t act like it hasn’t happened to you! 😛


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I went to a place called Crucible last night. My intentions were to go through my landmarks and delete those that have become obsolete (RIP Cosmic Teapot), but I pretty much abandoned that endeavor when I got to Crucible and just enjoyed the sim. There isn’t much more to do than explore, take some pictures, and relax. It’s incredibly beautiful, though anyone with camming issues would probably hate it because of all the translucent light prims.

I spent well over an hour there, wandering around and rediscovering this place I’d visited long ago with Judas. Things have changed a bit since then and I was unable to find the exact spot where the J-man and I sat around at nearly a year ago. There are a few more poses scattered about than I remember, though still not many. The pose in the last two photos was labeled forget. The first was embedded in a walkway that was made up of what looked like glass coffins. The animation is actually pretty amazing. What happens is that when you click on the glass, your body is slowly lowered into this glass box underwater. When you want to get up, you click the glass again and your body floats up through the glass and hovers for a moment, still in this crucifixion pose. It’s hauntingly beautiful, like something out of The Exorcist minus the gore. There were a few other places I would have liked to take pictures at, but I was alone and the poses required two people for the right effect. Another time, I suppose.


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I’ve been hanging out at a place called The Drunken Goat lately. It’s a tavern on one side of a medieval themed sim. I probably never would have heard of it if Lucian hadn’t invited me over, but that’s only because I don’t actively seek out clubs anymore. I’m there for a little while daily, and I DJ Wednesdays and Sundays at 7pm. I initially went to hang out with Lucian, but I go back for the pleasant company, good music, and pretty surroundings.

Behind the tavern is pretty much nothing, unless you’re interested in looking out at the ocean and listening to the waves crashing against the shore. It’s a nice view, very fitting of a sim called Serene Falls.

I’m not sure why there’s a noose hanging from the tree near the main entrance, but I’m not complaining!

Just beyond the rear entrance is a wishing well. You give it a few lindens and it grants you a wish. I forget exactly what it told me.

There I am tending bar while I wait for my wish to come true. If you look closely you can see Sweet and Victor sitting on the beanbags beyond the absinthe bottle.

Oh look, a goat on the bar!

The end.

smiley face

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I should take some pictures and update. Too distracted, I suppose. Pleasant distraction though…