Let me tell you a story

Once upon a time, my blog was interesting. I went on adventures with my trigger finger on the snapshot button, sometimes alone and sometimes with a friend, and I wrote about them. I did the photo dumps, but the pictures were separated by fun commentary. I need to start blogging on the fly like I used to rather than letting the snapshots pile up in my email. Hm…blueberry fueled ideas formulating.

Mini update time.

Lucian and I have been together for over a month now. My, how time flies. I smile now more than I have in years. He embraces my silly, geeky, creepy, insane self as I do his.

Rowboat ride outside Second Cinema, after watching The Monster Squad.

The douchebag who set up his home on the Linden owned half sim adjacent to my parcel paid me a visit. I said hello and he just stood there. His lack of manners prompted me to set up an access list. Nobody likes banlines, I know, but it was time. A few days before my buddy Longo showed up on my lawn, I found some German dude on the roof of my skybox. What the hell is anyone doing flying around at 3,997m? That said, I have no idea if the access list is even effective at that altitude.

I’ve been tempted to cover Longo’s crap with pudge, but I’d rather not deal with any resulting drama. Instead, I chose to decorate my lawn in a most obnoxious fashion. Sorry, other neighbors. It’s better than that beastiality barn that used to be in San Denis, right?

That’s all, folks.


~ by Portia on February 10, 2010.

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