blast from the past

Sometimes when there isn’t much to do in terms of live music, or if we’re just tired of it, Phoenix and I will hang out on the roof of a building on Langston and Ambrosia’s rental sim. Eventually we end up in the unused club below, Destination Mainstream, Lang and Amb will show up, and out comes the greedy table. Someone will take the stream, other friends are invited, and we all go on voice and just laugh it up. Pictured above: Ambrosia on Langston’s lap, Madisyn on Shock’s lap, Phoenix, and me doing the butt wiggle.

Caged reopened recently. Reactions amongst friends have been mixed, ranging from beyond angry to apathetic to warm and fuzzy. My own was right around apathetic, and I was reluctant to even visit. But since I had been hanging out with other people from the past, I had a look anyway. The first time I went was one night after hours and the only other people there were Bootzy and some lady friend of his. My second visit was prompted by a TP request from Velvet. Pictured above: Velvet, myself (and Quackers), Dergo, and Ray. I particularly like this Portia sammich picture because it looks like Ray’s giving old Dergo a fist in the ass.

One of the first things I did when I went there was look at the ban list. Ban lists amuse me because not only do they display current drama, but they reveal lasting grudges. I noticed a few names that didn’t surprise me, and several belonging to one person who I haven’t seen around in ages. Maybe she’s just gotten better at the game of alts. Anyway, I doubt I’ll be spending much time there. It’s nice being around these people once in a while, but I have no intention of being around enough to be involved in the inevitable drama that permeates this place. I did think it was cool that BWS put out the old building though.


~ by Portia on February 9, 2010.

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