You want to do a what? o.O

My evenings have been pretty much a blur since we closed Vicious Cycle. Several of our former staff offered up their homes or other venues to host the club, but as much as we liked the idea of having Vicious parties, we never actually took anyone up on the it and the offers stopped coming. Can’t say I blame them. Everyone’s got to get on with their lives. I did a major friends list dump right after we closed. Pretty much all staff and former staff that I never talk to or don’t really like was removed. Pretty much. There are still a few I’d like to remove but haven’t simply because doing so would make running into them later on uncomfortable. They’re the type who will act like you’re best buddies and then ask in local how you got off their friends list. Phony bastards. So my evenings have now consist of hanging out with or IMing people I do like, listening to live musicians, and random exploration.

Speaking of exploration, Velvet flew off the other night when I was looking at parcels for my next home and found a theme park. We were on adult mainland, so of course it wasn’t a normal (or even simply creepy) theme park. No, this park definitely has a dark side, which at first was only visible in the description. After Phoenix logged off to avoid the advances of some random chick at a concert, I went back to Eden determined to find this so-called beastiality barn. I cammed around out of laziness while a dinosaur nommed on me and didn’t find anything until I stumbled upon a teleporter that listed many destinations that apparently weren’t on the ground. Since I was on a mission, I headed directly for the barn. I’m not exactly sure what I expected to find, but I found myself face to face with a herm zebra centaur type thing, a stack of hay bales, and a single pink poseball. I don’t think I’ve ever passed up a poseball in my travels, and I’m not about to start now, even if said poseball is dangling on a spiderweb and a cock-wielding spider has his eye on me. I had no idea there was a market for that particular fantasy. I did, however, forget to take any pictures for the blog. I’ll go back tonight. This blog needs more records of my adventures, and the adult mainland is ripe for exploration. I bought a little parcel smack in the middle of a sim called Bicycle Fish. I wasn’t looking specifically for adult mainland, but this parcel just felt right. The sim is practically empty, partly because a Linden owns about half of it. Pretty much lag free. It’s plain flat grass, but I’m not using the ground anyway.

I didn’t explore the rest of the park after making babies with the zebra centaur and spider. Decided I’d had enough of that place for the night and went to a Grif Bamaisin show with my cat. It was a good show.


~ by Portia on December 10, 2009.

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