[2009/11/08 20:05] Portia Munz: guess who’s on the ground
[2009/11/08 20:05] Phoenix87 Parx: santa claus?
[2009/11/08 20:05] Portia Munz: close
[2009/11/08 20:05] Portia Munz: tp me 😛

I spent a lot of time watching Phoenix build last night, offering commentary as he went along. I fell to the ground a few times when he rezzed megaprims on me.

Vicious Cycle has picked up its toys and gone home. Because we’re not entirely ready to call it quits on the club business (or SL), we agreed that we may open again in the future, but it won’t be the 2 week break we usually take. A lot of our friends and staff members have tried to encourage us to reopen, offering their homes and other facilities as temporary locations, but we really do intend to make this break last.

We’re not the only ones calling it quits. Caged is closed as well. I guess we’ve all been at it for a while. It’s time for a break. Time to do something new. I have a home in Minshara again, and Velvet’s picked up a nice little piece of beach for her home. RL has me preoccupied, so I haven’t spent much time in-world. More another time.


~ by Portia on November 9, 2009.

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