The Big Purge

I’ve been sorting inventory lately. I reached an all time high of just over 28,000 items. After logging on to my alt account (whose inventory has a mere 3,000 items) and noticing an incredible difference in performance, I realized it was time to take a serious look at my inventory. All of my free time this week has been spent trying things on and either deleting them or placing them in the appropriate folders. I created a sorting system nearly a year ago and didn’t get very far into the sorting project, so I’ve got all these folders neatly labeled and logically arranged just waiting for me to actually use them. So far I’ve deleted thousands of items and boxed thousands more. Everything I keep is going into one box. That box is reflective of my messy inventory. Nothing is sorted, but so long as it’s all together in one box instead of cluttering my inventory, I’m happy. I plan to only leave things I use on a regular basis. Everything else goes in the box, trash, or yard sale. I’m down to just over 15,000 items. I plan to bring it much lower. It’s ridiculous to carry around that much stuff.

That’s right, I’m preparing for a yard sale. Velvet suggested we have another yard sale to raise some funds. I’ve found lots of things I can part with while sorting inventory. May as well, most of it would have just gone in the box anyway. I’ll start setting up on our lawn sometime tonight.

In other news, I figured out how my voice problem. For as long as I’ve been using voice in SL, my friends have been telling me I should talk on stream while I’m DJing. I didn’t bother to try up until recently, and when I finally did, I found my voice wasn’t coming through when the music volume dropped. I finally figured it out after mulling over a comment Phoenix made when I had already exhausted the advise offered by Velvet. Apparently SAM Broadcaster and most USB microphones don’t play well together. My headset has the ability to switch between USB and analog, so I switched, tried again, and bam…we’re in business. There are still some things I want to try, but my next shift isn’t until Saturday so there’s plenty of time.


~ by Portia on October 20, 2009.

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