Zombiefest 2009

I logged on way later than I usually do last night. My internet was being a douche, so instead of logging on and crashing every time I lost connection (which would have pissed me off in a big way), I decided to leisurely surf the net and just click through the billion tabs I had open when I lost signal. I spent some time chillin with my homies, doing stupid shit and having a laugh like we always do, and opening some boxes from my last shopping excursion. I was disappointed when I rezzed a box for a dress I’d bought at the Rotten Toe vendor at Zombiefest and found that it had given me the Carnival girl dress instead of the red version of the hypnotic dress that I wanted. The carnival girl dress was the one thing that I wasn’t even tempted to buy (didn’t like the colors), but it looked alright on. I dropped Elsa Liebknecht a notecard, and she resolved the situation as soon as she logged on. Great customer service from her. Now go buy her stuff, either on Xstreet or in-world.

When I was alone again, I paid Zombiefest 2009 another visit and bought a lot of cool things, including my newest favorite accessory, a collar from Catnip with tongues pinned to it. I was going to take some pictures, but I’ve been holding on to this draft for too long. *hits publish*


~ by Portia on October 13, 2009.

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