Record breaking weekend

We reopened the club last weekend, and holy crap, we’ve already managed to break some of our old records. Early this weekend we hit the 10k traffic mark (our highest before we closed for remodeling was just under 10k), then soared past that after basically slamming all day yesterday. We beat our old record of 32 (Jayda’s wedding party, lol!) in the club, new record is 35. Traffic is sitting pretty today at 14491. All real traffic, no alts hanging around, which is more than you can say for a lot of clubs with decent traffic. And most importantly, we’re having fun again! People are talking and having a good time, not just parking their avatars and waiting for the contest to end.

I know traffic will drop again now that the weekend is over, but it doesn’t matter. Hell yes, it’s exciting to see some quantifiable data come of our efforts, but the fact that we’ve managed to revive the lighthearted, carefree, fuck-it-all, FUN environment we began with is far more telling and far more satisfying than those numbers ever could be.


~ by Portia on October 12, 2009.

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