drama llama duck


[6:13] Bootzy Nootan: (Saved Tue Aug 18 02:26:25 2009) Pixelated graphics that sparkle and shine
You’ll be perfectly safe here if your heart stays offline
They claim there’s a person behind every name
But they’re emotionless players lost in a game
You can be what you want and go where you will
The graphics and sounds incite a cheap thrill
But it holds no emotions it’s brittle and cold
If they’re claiming to care don’t believe what your told
So when you enter this world use caution my friends
For here in Second Life is where Reality ends..

I’m not that jaded yet. Not yet, I don’t think. Sometimes though, sometimes I’m close. I’ve had enough of the bullshit.


~ by Portia on August 18, 2009.

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