my chair, and more

The last event of the night was totally dead, so we brought the greedy table down and played a few rounds. I wandered the grounds a bit after everyone cleared out. There’s still a lot to do as far as landscaping is concerned, but I had a set of sculpt maps that was calling my name. I made a simple single prim bean bag chair with embedded sit animation. Took me ridiculously long to make that chair, but it’s done and I like it.

By the way, Vicious Cycle has moved. I know, I know, “Again?” Well here’s the thing, VC has not left its parcel in Tealeaf once since its inception. The club has had several makeovers in its short (6 months already!) lifespan, but never actually moved. Velvet and I had been discussing certain changes coming to SL since these changes were merely rumors. As information started to flow and definitions became more clear, we made the decision to move the club to adult land. We originally planned to move to LL’s new adult continent, Zindra since they’re offering to exchange the land, but after exploring Zindra, Velvet started looking into private estates. Got a great deal on a half sim and Ozzie bought the other half last night, which is awesome because I would have hated to see some shitty mall or something spring up nextdoor. This is also great because we’ll now have full estate rights. Anyway, picture post later.


~ by Portia on June 30, 2009.

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