no time for subject lines!

I spent much of yesterday annoyed about one thing or another. Logged on intending to take pictures for the blog, but we had a little landscaping malfunction and now it looks all funky. It’s been slow the last few days, but I attribute that to the move, the age verification requirement, and upcoming holiday. It’s summer and a lot of people are out experiencing a little RL. I had planned to take care of my land in Tealeaf, work a bit on landscaping (maybe give terraforming a go), and finish my sofa, but that all went to shit when I made a stupid mistake and lost one of my parcels to a land bot. The internet says because it was bought by the Super Freak Ninja Chicks group, I’m probably screwed. That pretty much killed any motivation to build that I had, so I wandered off to buy some happiness, happiness in the form of new hair. What I found was probably the most entertaining thing I’ve seen in-world in a while.
A thriller party! It was hilarious. I should have joined in, but I was busy moping over the recent ass raping by a land bot. Plus it was laggy as hell. I tried on several demos, bought the one that fit my current look best, and had a few laughs.
Valo gave me that skin last night, and I must say, it’s just lovely.

Update: Argh…the parcel is already deeded to a different group. Not happy.


~ by Portia on June 30, 2009.

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