The day that turned into a week

I promised an update about a week ago, and as usual, failed to deliver. I have all sorts of excuses, but I won’t get into that. Instead, a mini update and a picture of Jayda and myself sitting on the moon.

There have been major changes at the club. Yes, again. We are less one owner now, but things are slowly returning to normal. The new building is amazing and has gotten a lot of positive reactions. We’re advertising more on SL events and seeing a lot of new faces. The midnight mania has been a huge help as well. Fawxyn has donated a few items for that, and not only has it helped increase traffic, I’m seeing people from the mm groups come back to hang out. I don’t know how it’s affecting her sales, but I hope it’s helping. We lost some staff as a result of the latest closing/reopening, but we’re not hurting. In fact, I think this put us in a stronger position. We brought on Ozzie as an owner. At his request, his role in the club has not changed much. This wasn’t something I expected. There was a point when we were concerned because people weren’t showing up for his shifts, but he has been very supportive of us. Lost two DJs, but one I had wanted off schedule anyway and the other has returned. Lost three hosts, but have since hired some awesome people. One of our managers is still MIA. Not sure how much longer I’ll be able to tolerate that.

Don’t have much else to say right now. Pulled a double shift DJing last night, which didn’t bother me because it was the first time I’ve had an opportunity to stream in a while. I had scheduled myself when we reopened, but my internet betrayed me and I ended up giving my shifts away. With all shifts filled, I’m back on backup. I suppose that’s not so bad.


~ by Portia on June 22, 2009.

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