On Staff/Patron Relations


I’ll keep this short. If any of you are having issues with staff or patrons, bring it to me and I’ll deal with it. If I find out that any of you are creating unnecessary drama, I will deal with you…so get along, or mute offending parties and move on.

On an unrelated note, expect a new schedule later today or tomorrow.

Yesterday was shit-tastic. Everything that could have gone wrong did, and every little annoyance managed to amplify itself. First, the hostess for the early event joined the contest and no one noticed until it was already over. That was a minor issue and was resolved within a few minutes and with minimal drama. Then our scheduled performer didn’t show up and his manager didn’t bother to leave me a message to cancel. I’m quite tempted to contact the club he’s supposed to be performing at next. Anyway, Bootzy picked up the shift and it was business as usual. I lingered on the balcony for a while, watching new faces TP in, look around, and leave. I read every new person’s profile before they TP’d out. I watched people come and go right up until the next event.

It was what happened during and after the last event that prompted the notice quoted above. I was a bit annoyed that the DJ’s tip jar was spamming chat with his club’s name, but he did fix it as soon as it was noticed. What really irritated me was the fact that a staff member complained about certain people getting more votes than others on a regular basis. I gave her the same response I gave the last time someone made a similar complaint. We can make and enforce rules for entering contests, but we cannot tell people who to vote for, nor do we have any interest in doing so. These contests have always been a matter of popularity. People who are well liked or bring friends win. A person whose idea of a good time is limited to gesture spamming will not be winning any popularity contests. I certainly won’t vote for someone who’s annoying me, no matter how great their getup is. Same thing goes for staff whose main form of communication is club gestures and spanker spam. The people who make better tips are the ones who are fun and engaging, not those who act like obnoxious spamming/spanking bots. I’m still irritated over last night because I found out that after I logged off, the person in question contacted yet another person involved instead of dropping it like I suggested. Not only that, this person sent Velvet and IM while she was afk. If I find out that she’s trying to go over my head, I will not be pleased.
Anyway, here’s another picture of Fawxyn and me building naughty parts in my fabulous new sandbox. Quackers is not amused.


~ by Portia on May 27, 2009.

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