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The weekend was pretty quiet. Velvet was online but afk much of the time. Phoenix just wasn’t on much. I got a chance to work on my skybox again, but I think I may have made yet another noob builder mistake, because now my skybox is no trans. Note to self: do not link until you’re done, and certainly don’t like anything without the permissions you want. I removed the offending parts and replaced them with stairs I built, but the building remained no trans. Sigh. I hope I kept a copy before I added and linked those stairs, otherwise it’s back to the drawing board for me. It’s only a few prims, so I guess it’s not a big deal, but I was getting so close to being finished.

I streamed a few times this weekend using *gasp* Winamp. My copy of SAM Broadcaster crapped out on me, and the last one I downloaded had a trojan, so I finally bit the bullet and tried Winamp. And I hate it. I have to set the encoder to at least 160 kb/s or else it sounds like shit. And I don’t know if that’s just the way Winamp works, but it won’t save my stream info. Streaming at a higher bitrate compensates for the quality loss, but the fact that it won’t save my stream info really pisses me off. Anyway, had an awesome turnout for the late Saturday night shift. I was annoyed at first because I thought Vamp had missed (misunderstanding), but I went ahead and started an event without a host anyway. I was alone for a while, but my mood shifted when a few people actually responded to my invitations. The club filled up quickly, and by the time Vamp did log on (and clear things up), I wasn’t upset anymore. I didn’t put out a tip jar, but managed to make a killing anyway. Not to mention donations to the club. When the event was over, everyone but Steel and his mate cleared out. She seems nice enough but didn’t seem to like my banter with Steel because she made a “not if you want to live” comment. Folks, do not threaten me. I will just laugh in your face. I especially hate that jealous girlfriend shit. Believe me, if I’m flirting with your boyfriend, it’s because that’s just the way we’ve always interacted, not because I want him. The threats just amuse me because they give away your insecurity. I will not partake in pissing contests. Anyway, they stuck around for about an hour after the event and Vamp and I stayed much later. I don’t think we moved from the dance balls at all for over 3 hours. People have been asking a lot of questions and making assumptions about that and all I can really say is that I’m having a good time with an old friend.

Yesterday was super slow. I picked up the first event, but no one showed up and I had to go pick up dinner, so I canceled it at the start of the second hour. I would have called for a DJ, but no one stepped up at the beginning and I didn’t see any others log on. It’s too bad, because I had a really great trailer trash thing going on. When I returned an hour into the next event, there were a few people there but other than a few comments about the paternity of my baby, it was quiet. Sometime in the midst of that quiet day, I wandered off and bought a key for the VIP Gridwide hunt. I don’t usually participate in hunts, unless you count grabbing gifts I happen to run into, but I thought it might be fun to give this one a go. I’m only up to #8, but so far the gifts have been really nice. Things at the club didn’t really pick up until Simple’s set. Phoenix mentioned needing earlier events, but I’m convinced that we need more later events if anything.

Caged is having their first anniversary this week (I think). I hear they’ve moved to another parcel and got a new building, but I haven’t actually been yet. I will drop in for the big anniversary whatever it is on Friday, at least for Vamp’s shift. Speaking of anniversaries, my rezday is coming up this week. Time sure does fly in SL.


~ by Portia on May 12, 2009.

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