sad attempt at an update

I started rebuilding the skybox again. Phoenix pointed out a noob building mistake I made and now I’m fixing it. I know it shouldn’t take so long to put together what is essentially just a big box, but that’s just the way it goes. I will finish it though. I’ve been itching to set up a new home. Maybe I’ll put myself on busy mode for a while tonight and finish it.

The last few days at the club have been infuriating. There were a lot of no shows, including a host we just hired who IM’d Velvet halfway through her missed event to ask about a DJ position. Um, no. Can’t be bothered to show up when you’re scheduled in one position, why would we risk putting you in another. She quit when Velvet made that point to her. On the bright side, one DJ who missed his shift covered the next shift and even kept playing for almost another two hours because some people who wandered in were having a good time. Can never be mad at Kain for missing, because not only is it such a rare occurrence, but he always more than makes up for it. He’s been with us right from the start and has proven to be an asset to the club and just a great guy overall. The main thing that was bothering me last night was a notice that was sent out in a clan clubs group by a former employee that included a barely modified version of our job application. They didn’t even bother to create a new notecard. It still had my name as creator. Anyway, Velvet took care of business and a little while later they sent out another notice with a new application.

I made a tiny effort to build after the party was over and Velvet and Phoenix had logged off for the night. Couldn’t really get into it though because there were still two yellow dots on my mini map, so when Simple invited me to his new club I bounced away happily. I believe Simple built it himself, and it’s definitely interesting, but I was having some camera issues. I spent a while there and then retired.

I really need to start taking pictures again.


~ by Portia on May 9, 2009.

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