Spider Rodeo

I had to relog shortly after the last event was over last night. When I returned, mafioso Phoenix had been replaced by a giant spider.
As usual, I lamented my inability to sit on the spider. That purple thing was an attempt to attach a poseball to the avatar. Fail.
That didn’t work, so Phoenix got to work on something else. I think he was secretly plotting to eat me though.
Yay for follower scripts! It’s not the same as sitting directly on someone, but it did the trick.
AAH!!! I knew it!!
I have no clever commentary. This just makes me laugh.

Big thanks to Vox for the subject line. He IM’d me last night to see what I was up to, and when I told him I was riding a giant spider he asked if I was at some kind of spider rodeo. Something like that, Vox. Something like that.


~ by Portia on April 29, 2009.

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