Carnival has come to Vicious Cycle!

I spent a lot of time working on the outside of the club last night. We decided on a carnival theme, so I dug around in my inventory and dumped out a lot of stuff. I don’t even know why I have most of that stuff, but I’m finally able to make use of it. Of everything I put out, I only recently bought some of the smaller items. The bell game, the springy animals in the park, the popcorn machine, and a few other carnival goodies I still haven’t put out. And I do still want to set up a few of my arcade games. I didn’t notice any increase in lag after setting up the bumper cars, ferris wheel, and carousel, or even while playing bumper cars with Velvet and Bootzy, so maybe it won’t be an issue. However, this is really eating into the prim count, so I’m trying to go low prim and mod whatever possible. Here’s how it looks so far.
We’ve got bumper cars, a ferris wheel, and a carousel. I don’t think more rides are necessary, though I had an idea for a roller coaster or something similar that would loop its way around the platform above the structures, but given our resources it’s pretty unfeasible right now.
Phoenix is changing some textures on the bumper cars arena so it matches better. It’s coming out pretty good. And yes, that little dot in the middle of the road is me.
There’s the ferris wheel, carousel, and some naked people. Two I don’t recognize, Bootzy, Desi, and Vaelyn.
Yet another angle of that corner, sans naked people. Judas thinks the blood and bones would look good on floor of the carousel. I’ll play around with that tonight.
The park has been relocated but I’m not entirely happy with it yet. There’s too much empty space.
LOTS of empty space. We’re still not sure what to do with the lower level of the club.
Here’s a picture of the club, just for the hell of it. That’s all for now.


~ by Portia on April 1, 2009.

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