These are the days of my SLife…

Early last week I mentioned impending change to my SLife. I waited until the last minute to make those changes happen, but here I am a week later with a smile on my face, renewed ambition, and a general sense of peace of mind.

The most important event of the week was my reconnection with Judas. I know it’s sappy as hell, but he’s become an important presence in my life, both in-world and out. In him I have a true friend, and our time apart reaffirmed that.

Sometime on Sunday, Brian was made part owner of Caged, someone was promoted to management, and a role was created for someone else. While these are all positive changes, they did get me thinking about my role as a Caged manager…my role at Caged, period. For a while now, I’ve felt like something of a black sheep there. Battle has always tried to reassure me that it’s not true, but it had gotten to the point that when I just felt uncomfortable all the time. Some of it was in my head, much of it was not. As time went by and Brian took a more active role as GM and more decisions were being made without my input, I realized that my role was diminishing. I put in a lot of work during a time when the club needed it and now that time is over. There’s always room for improvement, but it’s not my place anymore. I resigned late Sunday night. I often find myself telling people that they need to learn to recognize when it’s time to move on, but I rarely follow my own advice. That time came for me a while back, but I ignored it. Finally after talking it over with the J-man for the billionth time, I sat my ass down and got to it. My resignation note was ridiculously short, yet it took hours to write. Sentiments in action, I suppose. When I finished delivering the note, I left the employee groups, took away my extra roles in the VIP group, and logged off my manager’s tip jar. My feelings on this change are mixed, but the one that stands out is a sense of relief.

As of last night, I’m part owner of Vicious. I’m totally excited. It won’t be too much of a change as far as duties and responsibilities are concerned, but it’s still huge.



~ by Portia on March 17, 2009.

3 Responses to “These are the days of my SLife…”

  1. Right back at you my fellow sap 😉

  2. fix your emo swoop and lets onigokko. partay time ho!

  3. All you gotta do is say the word.

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