October Country

It’s not often that I mention my visits to October Country, but Martian’s latest call for support has prompted me not only to make a donation, but think about just how much I appreciate the existence of such a place on the grid. My favorite spot has been the empty building in the parcel adjacent to Martian’s office ever since I went there with the J-man. Before 7Seas fishing was installed, I enjoyed it for the solitude and the sound of waves crashing on the shore accompanying whatever happens to be playing at the time. Now I have that and fishing! And with scripts enabled, I can play Tiny Empires at the same time. I go there to relax and collect my thoughts when I’m alone, and I go with Judas because even though we’ve both explored it many times, it never loses its magic.
So I guess what I’m saying is that any of you who are reading this haven’t been there, go now. Have a seat by the campfire or wander around, make sure your music player is on, and enjoy. And when you’ve explored a bit and discovered the beauty and serenity this sim has to offer, consider the fact that Martian does all of this for no profit, and then consider making a donation. He offers this beautiful place to the public at no charge and rarely asks for donations, but he could use whatever help we can give him to keep October Country up and running. I know I’ll continue donating when I can.


~ by Portia on February 7, 2009.

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