Bald Man-Kitty makes a blog appearance!

While the title of this post suggests that it’s all about the bald man-kitty (aka Judas), I couldn’t start without posting a picture of myself posting in my latest get-up. The J-man led me to temptation the other day, and I in turn dropped a load of lindens on a shiny new skin. I’ve already got my eye on another, but I’ll leave that for another time. I really should earn some more lindens before I buy anything else. This ensemble forced me to be creative and gave me motivation to scour my inventory for usable stuff. Only things I had to buy were the feet and arm.
Here’s the bald man-kitty sporting a funny ‘stache and practically sitting on my legs. But I’m a cyborg, therefore not inconvenienced by human discomfort, so it’s all good.
Yes, he did change his facial hair between snapshots…for about the 30th time last night. Oddly enough, he didn’t wear his kitty parts once. I guess that just makes him the bald…man. Anyway, these pictures were taken in a place called Crucible with environment set to sunset. It was actually dark and rainy, quite lovely, but my computer wasn’t being nice to me last night and I had to settle for changing environment settings rather than graphics to get some decent pictures. We sat around chatting about this and that until it was time for him to hit the sack, as usual, and then I joined Blaspheme at Vicious. We didn’t hold a contest, but it was fun anyway. I set up a buffet because someone asked about the punch and pie I promised in the notice. No punch and pie, but I did have tacos and fruit. When it got quiet again, I brought out the old nun bartender, a joint vendor, and a shroom vendor. The nun now tends bar on a permanent basis. I should figure out how to make her say things. That would be fun.


~ by Portia on February 5, 2009.

4 Responses to “Bald Man-Kitty makes a blog appearance!”

  1. I’m going to try really hard to keep one look for more then 10 minutes! I promise 🙂

  2. Heheh, I know. But seriously, longer than 10 minutes 😛

  3. […] well over an hour there, wandering around and rediscovering this place I’d visited long ago with Judas. Things have changed a bit since then and I was unable to find the exact spot where the J-man and I […]

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