And then there was one

I’m not quite sure what happened with that picture, but I like it anyway.

Work was typical for a Wednesday night. Only difference (besides having been ditched in favor of TV :P) is that I found out that somewhere along the way, Simple’s availability changed and he can’t actually work Wednesday nights. That’s something that needs to be updated on the schedule. I sent out another notice asking for availability notecards and did receive one before the night was over, but it was from someone who’d already submitted one to Battle. Anyway, work was quiet even though we did a nude event. Even nudity doesn’t work on a Wednesday night. I didn’t get a whole lot of requests, so I spent most of the time in IM or stalking profiles.

After work I did a little shopping. I wanted a new hoodie, so I headed over to katatonik because I remembered seeing something I liked in the blogs. Instead of shopping, I ended up camming over to a group of people who were fishing on the roof while chatting on voice. Blaspheme kept asking me what trouble I as getting myself into, but with the J-man off playing RL, I wasn’t really even looking for trouble. If I were, I would have gone to Vicious instead of October Country. Sweeney Todd was playing, but I wasn’t paying attention. I sat in the dark listening to the waves crashing against the foundation of the building, feet dangling just above the water, immersed in the serenity of the scene while I continued with my IMs. Battle joined me after a while and took a seat on the floor nearby while we continued our conversation. When Blaspheme was finished at Mint, she joined us on the cold cement floor.

Maybe I’ll play a little RL tomorrow night. Maybe.


~ by Portia on January 22, 2009.

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