Weekend update: Abridged Version

It’s been a few days since my last post. So much has happened over the last few days, but I’ve been sorting it all in my head because there are some things I just can’t write here because I don’t want anyone thinking I’m taking sides. Phoenix resigned from his position at Caged, Bootzy quit after a disagreement with management, Velvet was ejected right before what was to be her last day, and now three of my close friends are banned at a place we used to hang out together regularly. And that’s not the half of it! Someone sent out chat logs of a private conversation between herself and Battle, and he was so hurt and embarrassed that he resigned and nearly packed up and left. He’s back on the team now, and it’s a good thing because even though some don’t get along with him or like that he enforces rules and schedules, he’s a valuable asset to the club. The day after all of this, Bigguns (whose name makes me think of Al Bundy) resigned, putting Caged in a difficult position resulting in another emergency meeting. I thought the meeting was pretty productive. I still think we need to hold a big fundraiser event, because even though Serenity, Battle, and I put our tips into the donation box, it wasn’t announced as such and we probably would have had more traffic if we had mentioned that we were trying to raise funds.

Many hurtful and few insightful words have been exchanged over this sudden rivalry. The one constant has been Judas. Everyone is pretty convinced that we’re an item, and in a sense we are, but this friendship that we’re building extends beyond the limitations of Second Life and I wouldn’t give that up for the world.

The weekend was great, drama aside. We held a big clan party at Vicious that was a huge success. The place isn’t even officially open yet and our friends seem pretty excited about it. And while this last thing may technically count as drama, it resulted in a positive. A fellow named IICoOLII Gothly came to Mint one night and started talking to me about Slick in open chat. It was pretty obvious that this guy and the one he claimed to be an alt to were both Slick’s alts. So what’s positive about this stalker-like behavior? It was the push I needed to ban him (and the alts) from my home. If any of them start appearing at any of the places I work, you can bet they’ll be banned there as well. Anyway, I need to remember to save pictures to my hard drive and I need to try harder write more often.


~ by Portia on January 21, 2009.

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