lame post about a non-lame night

I took Judas to Velvet’s place to have a look around. They made amazing progress since in just one night. I won’t go into detail just yet, but I will say that things are coming along very nicely. It’s so exciting being involved in something like this from the very beginning and knowing that your friends both value and support you in your endeavors. We stood around chatting until everyone but the J-man had to go to work. I played DJ again and got lots of great requests. A lot were off genre, but everyone was having a good time so I kept filling them. After all, that’s what it’s all about.
I went home after work hoping to shake off the lag monster but failed miserably and had to relog. Correction, I relogged, but I should have rebooted. The lag storm that hit at end of my shift did a number on my computer’s performance. Instead of rebooting, I dug around in my landmarks and went to the Dreamland forest. Judas joined me and showed me a cave I hadn’t explored yet. There wasn’t much more than a few plants, some water, and two poses, but it’s a nice private corner to spend some quiet time with someone. We spent the rest of his night there.
I returned home to find my newly resurfaced old friend Alphonso on a pose stand. He hadn’t seen Inspire Space Park yet, so we went there and lime jellied for a while.
As we laughed and danced on that asteroid, people started joining us. And Al’s not actually bald, but being at that altitude tends to do funny things to attachments when you zoom in on them. We tried out the orbiting poseballs and then retired. And this is where I end my lame attempt at writing about my non-lame night.


~ by Portia on January 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “lame post about a non-lame night”

  1. OMT! Al! xD

  2. inorite

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