beat the clock

I’m not really in any mood to be writing right now, but I’ll do it anyway because if I don’t, the blog will be neglected for several more days. That is, after all, my pattern. Let’s see how much I can get down before my training session at RL work.

I played DJ again last night. The wings event went pretty much as I expected, that is, very few people showed up. I showed up in my bee costume. I was going to just wear the wings, but I figured I may as well do it right. One guy made a comment about the Deftones when I played Hole in the Earth that annoyed me and then spent much of the time publicly idolizing Metallica. Some people need to broaden their horizons. He reminded me of all the douchbags in high school who thought Marilyn Manson was the pinnacle of piss off your parents music. And he reminded me of those who like to point out various bands who’ve sold out. Anyway, I spent my shift dancing with Battle while he and Ima, and later Judas and Blaspheme, all laid claim to my magical behind. I’m beginning to see certain patterns though, and will be dancing solo tonight. As far as work goes, it was a slow night.

I headed over to Velvet’s place afterward to have a look at the work Phoenix and Kristin had done….and time’s up! More in the afternoon.


~ by Portia on January 14, 2009.

3 Responses to “beat the clock”

  1. I didn’t make a comment on your magical behind…

    I made a comment about the danger it held. You had a stinger!

  2. I Warship Satin

  3. Ewe due? 😛

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