One of these days…

I feel a crash coming on. My sleeping patterns are such that I can’t sleep before a certain hour every night for around 6 weeks, and then I have a big crash one day and start the cycle again the next. Today, or maybe tomorrow, is that day. I’ve been struggling to keep my eyes open all day. Or maybe I just feel this way because RL is shitting on me again. Who knows. michaeljacksonthrillerpopcorn

Anyway, work was pretty great last night. I went in a few minutes early as usual, checked on the status of the scheduled DJ, and grabbed myself my fourth DJ shift for the week. Battle found a host for me, and at the last minute we decided to change the theme to one guaranteed to get bodies in the club, nearly naked. As predicted, the theme brought in a lot of people. As (my) luck would have it, the stream started acting up just as soon as the club was packed. I was worried that it was SAM or my computer, but it turned out to be a Neostreams issue. After some testing, Phoenix let us borrow his stream to finish up the event. I got another inquiry about Battle and myself during the event, as did he. Seems people read more into those poseball dances than either of us do. Besides, there’s nothing sinister about a naked slow dance between friends. Despite our technical difficulties, the event went well. I don’t think anyone even left when the music was interrupted because the conversation kept moving and no one complained. I had to handle the contest board because Langston still couldn’t access it, but he did a great job keeping the chatter flowing. He thinks he sucks at hosting, but I think he’ll turn out to be one the better hosts.
When the event was over and everyone had their clothes on again, Battle and I zipped over to a Japanese garden sim and sat around talking for quite a while. The last time we spoke, he commented on the fact that our conversations always turn to work. This time the conversation barely touched on work and pretty much went all over the place. Though people may think otherwise, we’re really just getting to know each other and forming a friendship, and I’m having fun with it.


~ by Portia on January 10, 2009.

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