Did I ever tell you…

…that I’m an asshole?
Meet Graelwyn Magic and LittlePunky Varnish. Charming names, don’t you think? Punky seems to be a bit dippy all of the time, and Graelwyn needs to actually strive toward enlightenment rather than just putting a silly line in her profile. This conversation is unedited except to remove the names of people who weren’t involved.

[21:00] Graelwyn Magic: pic of me as i am there is in my profile now
[21:00] Graelwyn Magic: i have only been doing it for 3 days, dancing
[21:00] Graelwyn Magic: i aoided it as long as possible
[21:00] Graelwyn Magic: avoided
[21:00] Graelwyn Magic: really isnt my style
[21:01] LittlePunky Varnish: i do like doing it…attanetion whore i am
[21:01] LittlePunky Varnish: attention
[21:01] Graelwyn Magic: i hate it
[21:01] Graelwyn Magic: I hate selling myself as a sort of dancing whore
[21:01] Judas Serpente: I’d rather eat the rotting asshole of a road-killed skunk!!!!
[21:01] Graelwyn Magic: thats how i see it
[21:01] LittlePunky Varnish: lol
[21:01] LittlePunky Varnish: but im not selling the real me so its ok
[21:01] Graelwyn Magic: i run on auto when I am there and think of what i can buy
[21:01] Judas Serpente: People who talk about RL ought to shampoo my crotch!
[21:02] Graelwyn Magic: What a charmer
[21:02] Graelwyn Magic: Not
[21:02] LittlePunky Varnish: what a retard
[21:03] LittlePunky Varnish: someone obviously doesn’t have a rl 🙂
[21:03] Graelwyn Magic: oh btw Punky, if you like Hp, get yourself Inkheart
[21:03] LittlePunky Varnish: oo
[21:03] Portia Munz: lmao
[21:03] Judas Serpente: lmao….all too easy to stir the kiddies.
[21:03] Graelwyn Magic: there are 3 books to the series, and the first has been made into a film
[21:03] LittlePunky Varnish: lol Judas, not stirred me at all mate 🙂 hence the smile dude
[21:03] Graelwyn Magic: oh fuck off Judas
[21:03] LittlePunky Varnish: o cool
[21:03] Graelwyn Magic: Twat
[21:03] LittlePunky Varnish: rofl Grael
[21:03] Judas Serpente: LOL!!!!
[21:03] Graelwyn Magic: thats the idiot clown
[21:04] Graelwyn Magic: who was so up his own ass
[21:04] LittlePunky Varnish: ohhh gay emo dude
[21:04] Graelwyn Magic: Thank god friendlier people exist here
[21:04] Judas Serpente: No they don’t.
[21:04] Judas Serpente: Nothing but pedophiles and serial murders.
[21:05] LittlePunky Varnish: and people who cant spell paedophiles 🙂
[21:05] Portia Munz: And dudes pretending they’re chicks.
[21:05] Judas Serpente: I once met up with a girl from SL and she tried forcing her cock in my mouth.
[21:05] Portia Munz: Sorry J 😛
[21:05] Graelwyn Magic: ThEh they spell it like that in the USA
[21:05] Graelwyn Magic: They
[21:05] LittlePunky Varnish: ahhh
[21:05] LittlePunky Varnish: tards
[21:06] Graelwyn Magic: Eh, I have met one woman pretending to be a guy
[21:06] Graelwyn Magic: cannot get used to that
[21:06] Judas Serpente: Jesus is our lord and savior.
[21:06] LittlePunky Varnish: lol i dont know why they do it
[21:06] Graelwyn Magic: and a guy who is a woman on sl
[21:06] LittlePunky Varnish: well done Judas 🙂 good for you chuckles
[21:06] Portia Munz: rAmen.
[21:06] Graelwyn Magic: If that is true, then why did you betray him, you Judas
[21:06] Graelwyn Magic: •☻° ” LOL ” °☻•
[21:06] Portia Munz: That’s not really all that funny.
[21:07] Judas Serpente: Because I thought it’d make and interesting plot twist.
[21:07] Graelwyn Magic: I do not really give a toss what you consider funny Portia.
[21:07] LittlePunky Varnish: lol
[21:07] Judas Serpente: Well damm, Gae…
[21:07] Judas Serpente: We place such high importance on what you think.
[21:07] Graelwyn Magic: I live to amuse myself, not insignificant people who know nothing of my rl persona.
[21:08] Judas Serpente: I think it’s only fair you give us the common decency of a reach-around.
[21:08] Graelwyn Magic: You are two of he most unfriendly people I have met on here thus far, in all honesty, with the way you reacted when myself and crim tried to interract.
[21:08] Graelwyn Magic: ‘the’
[21:08] Judas Serpente: There’s a frist time for everything I always say.
[21:08] Judas Serpente: first*
[21:08] Portia Munz: You should read your chat log again. No one said anything unfriendly to your green friend.
[21:09] Portia Munz: In fact, he’s the one who started with the clown comment.
[21:09] Judas Serpente: Indeed. He highly offended me.
[21:09] Portia Munz: So whatever.
[21:09] Judas Serpente: With his words, which burn like acid.
[21:09] Portia Munz: Take it as you will.
[21:09] Graelwyn Magic: I find it hard to believe one can take offence at what is, in the end, just a pile of pixels in form
[21:10] Judas Serpente: pixels scare me.
[21:10] Judas Serpente: I take pixels very seriously.

And what prompted these emo clown accusations? Behold, Judas in all his emo glory.

[20:49] Crim Luik: looks fine to me
[20:49] Graelwyn Magic: •☻° ” LOL ” °☻•
[20:49] Graelwyn Magic: where is she now
[20:49] Crim Luik: OMG CLOWN! ;O
[20:49] Crim Luik poke
[20:49] Portia Munz: omg green dude
[20:49] Graelwyn Magic: a killer clown from outer space no less
[20:49] Crim Luik: tehehehehe
[20:49] Judas Serpente: thisis like a nightmare!
[20:49] Graelwyn Magic: what is ?
[20:49] Crim Luik: 😀

Some green dude(tte) thinks it’s fun to poke at random people, and we’re the assholes for reacting. Yeah, real friendly folks. Anyway, here’s a few better pictures for your viewing pleasure.
Don’t worry, girls. Judas did get a spanking for misbehaving. I won’t even mention what my punishment was.
Don’t we look sweet? 😀 Can’t a couple of ‘tards make out in peace anymore? What’s this world coming to?


~ by Portia on January 10, 2009.

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