You can call me Larry

Okay, who is this LF, and why the hell is she sending out notices to the Caged group for Saturday? She did the same thing yesterday only didn’t include any dates and times. Not only did she not include dates, she wrote in all caps and seems to have completely forgotten how to punctuate. I don’t expect everyone to write great notices but I do expect them to at least be readable. And if that’s the attempt at advertising…TRY HARDER. I wonder if these were authorized. You can bet I’ll be asking. If you’re wondering, yes, I did wake up on the wrong side of the bed.

Work yesterday was bad. I went a little early to catch the drag event and was pleasantly surprised that people played along. I don’t know if it’s because it was Phoenix’s event, maybe it’s a better time slot, or maybe…I don’t know. As soon as he split, most of the others did too. Simple didn’t show or answer my IM, so I DJ’d again. I wasn’t prepared for that and had to reboot and load a playlist I’d already used. And then some douche complained when I interrupted a Slayer song to take over the stream. Well fuck you, douche. It was my shift and you weren’t planning on staying anyway. Besides, I don’t check what’s playing before I switch over. I even moved Slayer up on my playlist so he could quit his bitching. When the song came on, he decided he was “tired” or something and took off. Soon enough it was just Judas and myself. Serenity popped in to see what was up, tipped me generously, and told me I could just switch to radio if no one showed up. She went to bed and I closed shop. Judas and I talked a bit about the club and the shops and then wandered across the sim border into the neighboring nudist beach. We stuck around for a while to check the place out. It was a pretty mediocre beach. As we were lying around poking at a flat pillow, a naked dude wearing a security tag showed up on radar and then by our sides. He gave us the old TITS or GTFO, Judas openly observed that the guy’s penis was hanging out, and we flew back to Caged. I feel compelled to go back, grab one of the free penises, and just wait around for that guy to show up again so I can rock out with my cock out. After the pain and suffering I endured from looking at his 1st Life tab, I think I deserve to have a little fun with this.

Anyway, Judas logged off early, so I wandered off to some place I read about on a blog. It was a nice place but something was missing. Sound. Atmosphere. Or maybe I was just feeling a little let down from the crappy turnout earlier in the night. I went to bed early and woke up tired.


~ by Portia on January 9, 2009.

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