Pretending to Work

Well, I’m pretty sure I don’t have to worry about the search terms from yesterday. On a hunch, I asked Judas whether he’d googled me. He hadn’t done it since our conversation about investigating people (and minor attempts at looking up each other) last week, but when I told him what the terms were, he was pretty sure they were his. So now I don’t trust WordPress’s search term stats to be accurate. I can’t even begin to express how relieved I was to find out that it was probably him and not some stalker.

I had my first permanent DJ shift last night and I’d say it was a success. Funny thing is that somewhere in the middle of my shift, Jski opened a conference chat asking if anyone had a gig for him because he wanted to DJ. Dave tried to stump me again, but Portia is half awesome and half magic, so his attempt failed. I’ve got a little something for him tonight if he shows up. He’s been talking about this Exhumed cover of Material Girl for a while now and when I asked last night, he still hadn’t found it. I just have one thing to say about the song. It is by far the worst metal cover of a pop song I’ve ever heard, and that’s because I like both Exhumed and Madonna (don’t judge me!). It’s funny as hell though. Gotta appreciate that sense of humor. Speaking of humor, I really need to start listening to the songs I download. I don’t even remember which song it was (damn it!), but at one point there was a bit of a voiceover on the song and the she’s a dude jokes came flying at me. Another had part of a female voiceover on it. So now I really have to figure out the voice breaks or continue playing along with the old dude jokes.

Anyway, we broke in a new host. He was already a VIP, so he probably already knew what to expect, but at the end of the night he commented that things had gotten a little hectic for a while. I’m confident that he’ll be a good host though. He didn’t pull the silent act, never used gestures, and was good about sending notices and greeting people. He’ll be my host again tonight and I’ve already informed him that I’m changing the theme to Goth Night. I need an excuse to wear my fancy new dress again. Join me at Caged Asylum tonight, 7-9pm slt. Slurl is in the sidebar 🙂

After the event, we sat around on Battle’s nifty table for a while. An old regular came by, but it was off hours and I didn’t feel like playing the game. When she first started hanging out at the club, someone deemed her furniture because she’d spend all day there. Somewhere along the way she became my furry chair. I play along when I’m hosting, but after hours I’m not being paid to flirt with anyone I don’t want to. Judas and I wandered off when we got bored and visited this snow covered garden type place. Really lovely place, but very quiet. J logged off early and I joined Blaspheme at Mint. We danced a bit, went stream shopping, and then ended up renewing our current stream.

Also, I just want to mention that I hate Internet Explorer. And I added a Meebo widget to sidebar, so talk to me! Or don’t, it’s all good. Time to get back to pretending to work.


~ by Portia on January 7, 2009.

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  1. *judges*

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