Hi, can I have some money?

I’m not in the habit of publishing full names, but when someone stands around in ETD asking people for money and then has the nerve to tell me to be nice…well, that’s just asking for trouble. Begging even.

[9:56] Sophie Savira: could you help me out with 200L$, please?
[9:58] Portia Munz: I don’t know you, so that would be a big N-O.
[9:58] Sophie Savira: oh 😮
[9:58] Sophie Savira: well
[9:58] Sophie Savira: happy new year btw
[9:58] Sophie Savira: and be nice
[9:58] Sophie Savira: and bla bla blaa 😛
[10:02] Portia Munz: I am nice, I’m just not in the habit of giving money to people who randomly IM me. Happy New Year to you too 🙂
[10:03] Sophie Savira: ya, i toootaly understand 😛

That is all. I’m not in any mood to elaborate. Check back later for my post on Inspire Space Park.


~ by Portia on December 31, 2008.

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