SAM Broadcaster and a Microphone

I had my DJ debut a few hours ago and all I have to say is that I had a blast and definitely want to do it again. I had to download a few songs to keep up with requests, but none were hard to find and all were met. I got so many compliments from both VIPs and staff members. It was incredibly encouraging. I made a new friend who happens to be a musician in rl and spoke to a friend from my early days as a Caged VIP. I think his words were those that had the greatest effect on me, namely because I was certain his praise was genuine. Anyway, scheduling has been a little screwy what with the holidays upon us, so I just grabbed the stream when Fire was done doing her thing. I started the even an hour later than usual and just made it an hour and a half long. We had a good crowd at one point, very good considering the hour. I called it quits a few songs after Blaspheme made her way back home, and when she logged off for the night I decided to treat myself to a new pair of pants. I like this DJing stuff, yes I do.


~ by Portia on December 25, 2008.

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