longest night ever

Last night kicked my ass, and not just because I hosted two events in a row after attending the estate’s holiday party for a short while. Yesterday was supposed to be my DJ debut at Caged. I had SAM broadcaster set up and a playlist loaded, had already sent out notices and set up the board, and then my endeavor was thwarted by RL. It was 9pm my time and my family decided they needed me at that precise moment. Serenity covered for me because she’s cool like that, but I was so upset that when I returned I just sat in a corner and sulked. The offliner I received didn’t help either. I’m sure it wasn’t meant to be as harsh as I’d interpreted it, but damn, I felt like shit. I never miss a shift and cover as many as I can, and the one time I have to leave in a hurry I get shit for it. And one of the new dancers has already managed to get on my bad side by asking in open chat if she could switch tags and join the contest. Um hello, you were hired because you said you could work that shift. It reminded me of my childhood when my brother would ask me for things in front of my parents to make it impossible for me to say no, only she was asking in front of VIPs and a few staff members. When I returned an hour later from my rl stuff I found that the only two on the board were staff members. Because I was still angry I didn’t open for votes until some VIPs entered. Obviously they’re not following that no voting for staff rule because they both won top places. I have some concerns that warrant discussion.

When the contest was over, I zipped over to Derailed to host a 3 hour shift there. I’m learning quite a bit about managing clubs by observing both Caged and Derailed. Both management styles have their advantages and both have room for improvement. I’m making a lot of mental notes and sharing them when appropriate. Anyway, I was so upset from earlier that I had a hard time enjoying myself at Derailed. The music was great though, and no one seemed unsettled by the quiet moments so I’d say it went alright. I got an IM from Slick 10 minutes before my shift was over, but I was in a bad mood still and quite tired so I told him I was heading to bed afterward. Our friendship has taken a turn that I’m not entirely comfortable with and I’m not really sure how to handle it. Instead of logging off immediately, I joined Blaspheme at Mint for one of her impromptu events and ended up staying for a full hour. She always knows how to take the edge off of my bad moods.

Anyway, I just wanted to get some of that out. I have a few drafts that I’m hoping to get out later today. That is all.


~ by Portia on December 25, 2008.

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