Profile Stalking and Exploration: The Joint

I read profiles. If you’ve been in proximity to me, chances are I’ve read your profile. If you have a blog, I’ve read your profile. If I bought something from you that I liked, I’ve read your profile. If you’re the only other green dot on the mini map, you can bet I cammed over and read your profile. Last night I took a moment (which turned into almost an hour) to read my friends’ profiles. I found that some no longer worked with me, others had new partners, and others apparently had some drama that they felt they needed to warn people off. I read profiles to get to know people indirectly, to feed my need for people watching, and to find new places to visit. While I wasn’t nearly finished reading my friends’ profiles, I stopped when I came across a group called The Joint Rollers, a stoner themed club, in one person’s profile. Since this person didn’t have the place in his picks, I had to find it the old fashioned way…I joined the group, looked up the owner’s profile, and teleported in via pick.
The building reminded me of Mint, with central stripper poles and lush furnishing, but with a stoner twist. All decorative plants were, you guessed it, different varieties of marijuana. Pot plants galore! If there was one thing missing at Greenhouse, it was the pot plants. Come to think of it, the entire second floor smoking area disappeared when the club moved. The Joint was empty when I rolled in (har har). I wandered around a bit, stopped to roll a joint, and lounged around on a lovely sofa in a private corner on the second floor. There were pool tables and a large bar up there as well.
I spent half an hour there all alone. The occasional straggler with a stoner name (420 something, Spliff somethingelse, etc.) wandered in, presumably to see who that other green dot on the map was and left when they discovered it was only me. As I sat there enjoying the sofa, I cammed around to places I hadn’t walked right up to. Slick came online and joined me and agreed that it was a nice place. I’d like to go back sometime when there are people around, but even empty it had a certain charm that will no doubt draw me in again. Places like this are a big reason I read profiles. I’ve tried searching for stoner themed places via SL’s search, but always either come up empty handed or land in dumpy places that aren’t even really in business anymore. I don’t expect all places to be classy looking joints, but I do appreciate a good build. I took Slick home shortly after he arrived, but he was distracted and went offline after a few minutes. I read a few more profiles but didn’t find anything interesting. There’s got to be a good grunge place somewhere. I still have my fingers crossed 😀


~ by Portia on December 20, 2008.

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