work, work, work

My host trial went pretty well. I was a little nervous because I don’t really know anyone there, but they were very friendly and welcoming. Blaspheme didn’t show up because she had some rl stuff, but that’s okay. One of us should have an rl 😛 I took a look at the calendar and see a shift I’m interested in, but I’ll need to make arrangements. One thing’s for sure, this will be fun.

Things at Caged have been going well too. Traffic has been good the last few days, and I wonder if my advertising is having any effect. Serenity says she’s getting applications that cite my ads, so something must be working. I really don’t feel like doing any rl work today, so maybe I’ll use some time to update the events page a few weeks in advance. I’ve got events listed up through Thursday so far. I wish there were a way to make them repeat like on Google calendar, but if it can be done I haven’t figured it out yet. Greenhouse came up in conversation last night. When a few of us said we missed it, Serenity made a crack about how no one would miss Caged if it was gone. I for one would definitely miss Caged and all the crazies within. I wouldn’t be putting in so much extra work if I didn’t, and let me tell you, advertising events and job openings is a real tedious, numbing pain in my backside. But I do it for love of the club and all the great people I’ve met there. It was the first place I ever went to purely for socialization and the first place I made any real friends. There are very few places I can go to where I feel I’m amongst friends at any given time and Caged is on the top of that short list. So while I may not always agree with the way some things are done, you can bet I’ll have my say because I’m willing to share ideas for improvement and put in a little extra work to help keep things running smoothly. Blaspheme told me that Kiara offered her advice, so I passed that along to Serenity and she seemed interested. Considering that I’ve already seen dancer applications from two complete noobs…well, I’m sure Kiara’s services could be put to good use. Dealing with and training dancers is her thing.

Speaking of job applications, the first I knew of was one who replied directly to my ad on rather than following directions. My ad clearly stated that one should apply in-world, either by picking up an application or IMing the two who’ll do the hiring. I was a little peeved at this person’s apparently lacking ability to follow simple instructions.

The Caged Asylum, one of SL’s hottest metal clubs, wants you! We’re currently looking for hosts and dancers, but if you DJ, come by and fill an application. If you love hanging out with awesome crazy people, are a friendly outgoing person, and wouldn’t mind making some money while you socialize, hosting may be right up your alley. More interested in emoting and taking off your clothes?* We need dancers too! Prior experience not necessary, we’ll train you. Several 2 hour events held daily.

Come join the Caged family…IM Serenity Low or Battlesword Muircastle in-world for an interview or come by and pick up an application.

*Note: Caged Asylum is not an escort club. Dancers are expected to act fun, flirty, and sexy, but will never be expected to perform escort services.

Pretty clear, right? Apparently not, as I got an “application” on the website asking if I could offer this person a job, and if not if I could direct them to someone who can. Hello?! Did you read the ad at all? I IM’d her that night, sent her the application, but got no response. The next day I had another message in my slprofiles inbox from her asking if anything was still available. I replied with the following:

Yes, there are still job positions available. I IM’d you in-world last night, dropped you an application, and got no response from you though you did accept the application. If you’re serious about getting a job, fill out that application and give it to Serenity Low or Battlesword Muircastle. I understand you’re new to SL, so feel free to contact me in-world if you need help. Please do contact any of us in-world though, because there is little I can do from this website.


When I logged in that night she requested friendship, which I accepted (like a dumbass), and gave me her application. *facepalm* Does no one have the ability to follow simple instructions?! I get the whole new-to-SL thing, but I’m not asking applicants to build me a multi-faceted sculpty gemstone and package their application in it. I gave the application to Serenity despite the noob’s apparent inability to follow directions or even type out complete words. My brain threatened to evacuate my skull as I tried to have a conversation with her. She’s lucky I’m not doing the hiring because I would have just tossed her application after that brief chat. I groaned when she IM’d me again last night. The conversation started like this:

her: hi
me: hello
her: …

I was immediately annoyed and told her in a semi-harsh tone that if she was contacting me about the job she needed to see the people I’d directed her to before. It turned out she just needed someone to talk to. Is there hope for this girl? Maybe, but there are cloudy skies in the forecast. There’s something about this girl that just annoys me though. I don’t see us becoming great pals. I try my best to help noobs get acquainted, but there’s only so far I’ll go if the person annoys me. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I won’t associate with anyone I don’t want to.

I downloaded SAM broadcaster last night. I just need to play around with it a bit and then I can see about getting myself a DJ tag at Caged. I know how to use Winamp to stream, but it would do me well to know both.

I had more to say, but I got caught up reading blogs and have lost my train of thought. Oh well, back to my blogs.


~ by Portia on December 16, 2008.

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  1. Me likey bouncy. Me likey bouncy.

  2. Lucky you, getting to bounce while I’m at rl work 😛

  3. Me likey bouncy 😀

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