Caged HR?

I just spent the last hour posting job openings and replying to job seekers on the SL Forums and SLProfiles. Ads can be found here and here. I’ll get to work on the Xstreet SL forum next. I didn’t mention it when I asked Serenity about advertising, but I do think it’s a better plan to hire people from the outside rather than from the shrinking VIP group. Obviously if VIPs want a job they should apply, but we should make an effort to recruit from outside. As a VIP turned hostess, I learned the hard way that if you suddenly switch roles and work shifts where you were sometimes the only VIP in the place, it’s hard to find someone who’ll fill your old role as a VIP. We’ve got some new regulars, which is great, but they’re irregular regulars…if that makes any sense.

Someone (I forget who at the moment) wondered aloud as to the whereabouts of all our staff members last night. Earlier in the day I received a group invite from a Caged dancer who’s starting his own club. I accepted so I could have a look at the group members and found that it was mainly comprised of former Caged employees and current dancers who rarely show up for work anymore. I’ve seen a few other clubs like that in the past, before I was a hostess. Something I’ve noticed about a lot of Caged dancers is that they’ve got this snotty attitude, as though they’re somehow better than the rest of us because people tell them they’re hot. Well listen up, you’re not. You’re not hot and you’re not so special that you can’t be replaced, not with that attitude. And if you can’t be arsed to do more than run through the pole animations while hitting the tip me strip me gesture, well then I can’t be arsed to tip you because I don’t consider that “working hard” for my enjoyment. I tip staff members who make my stay more enjoyable, no matter what their position. Something else I’ve noticed is that it’s usually this type who takes off after doing that for 10 minutes and not getting any tips. You want to make money as a dancer? Be fun and flirty, chat up the crowd, DON’T BE FURNITURE. Don’t be a prima donna. And write your own emotes, don’t buy them on the exchange. Seriously, we know. If writing emotes is difficult for you, contact Kiara Mazi and join the dancer’s union. She’ll teach you all you need to know. Follow these simple tips and you’ll do well wherever you decide to work. My response to the job deserter issue? Fuck ’em and move on. But really, just gotta let it go and continue doing business as usual.

That was some tangent I went off on! Time to continue scouring the forums.


~ by Portia on December 13, 2008.

3 Responses to “Caged HR?”

  1. Preach it Sista!

    Yeah, the Caged has gone downhill with the dancers – I’m actually trying to think of a time when the dancers were worth anything, come to think of it. Phoenix was one of them and so was GA, though the latter’s a charmer and the former a head humper with the heart of a gold (chocolate wrapped in golden foil that is). A lot of girls think the moment they’re up there, they’re fucking goddess. The tip/strip scale at Mint is 350L Topless, 500L take off skirt (or jeans, or whatever as long as it’s not underwear), and 1000L for completely nude. In my opinion, that’s pretty pricey for the Caged (not calling them trashy – okay I might, but not all of them), but there should be a scale that Serenity creates, either with outside help or on her own.

    Had I known that your post was going to beat mine, I would’ve linked it on my post. 🙂

    I’m gonna do it now.

  2. […] had my two cents about the club owners, now read Portia’s two cents on the strippers and hiring. And if you’re a stripper yourself, you’ll just be linked back to me . Possibly […]

  3. Yeah, that scale is probably a little high for Caged. I can see how it works at Mint though, what with Kiara being in charge. An official tipping scale is a good idea though. I think I’ll bring it up next time I’m in-world. Serenity’s generally very receptive to ideas for improvement.

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