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I heard back from Persey of Derailed yesterday. She set me up with a hosting trial on Saturday at 6pm and I’m totally excited. I also got a response from Flutter Memel about the skin blog. I need to find a skin and do a sample review. I picked up the new Minnu London demos, but I’m thinking I’ll choose something from somewhere fairly obscure. Or maybe not obscure, just something blogged less often. I’m sure the new Minnu skins will be all over the fashion feed soon.

So much for my plan to get people to come back by announcing the next day’s events. Not only did my DJ not show up or reply to any IMs, not a single VIP showed up for the entire first hour. As soon as Phoenix switched back to radio and left, the crowd dispersed and I was alone. A few staff members came and went. Right around halfway into the event, a bunny named Angelus walked in. I told him that we didn’t have a DJ and he offered to take over. Turns out he’s a back-up DJ, but though he was very willing, he was unable to get on the stream because he hadn’t been added to the board. Talk about a bummer! Here we had this guy who stepped up when no one else bothered to respond and technical issues got in the way. He stuck around for the entire event, made conversation, and was great company. He’s replaced jski as cutest furry ever. It took a lot of effort to restrain myself from clicking that fluffy tail of his. And through my near-obsessive profile reading, that inkling that I knew him from somewhere was confirmed. I don’t actually know him, but I have read his blog. If you’re reading this, Angelus, maybe a mix of fashion and exploration will help keep you from getting bored with blogging. Choose an outfit and then match your setting for a photo shoot.

A few people trickled in toward the end of the event, including Caged’s newest regular, Screamer. Someone deemed her furniture, and she’s running with it. She announces herself as the chair. She’s a fun person to have around, but I’m starting to think she really only likes hanging out if Serenity’s there. When the contest was over, only Angelus and Blaspheme had joined. That’s how it goes some days.

When Blaspheme and I got home I tried my new hugger on her and because we weren’t facing each other, arms were jabbed through torsos. We got our daily dose of Magika and went back home. I hopped around the grid a bit searching for some Christmas trees I’d bookmarked but found nothing that really called to me, so I went back to Gritty Kitty and got the cute scratching post/yarn tree. I ended up at Phoenix’s playing Greedy Greedy for a while. It’s times like these I’m glad I wasn’t on mic because I was laughing so hard that I kept having coughing fits. I wish that cough would go away already. Six out of eight seats on the table were filled (7 if you count Colin), so the games didn’t go quite as fast as usual, and with so many people the conversation certainly got interesting. I’m still laughing about that “kid’s porn” comment. Yeah, you had to be there for that one. At some point I crashed, but I think it was the sim because when I got back on I landed at home and I got an online notification of a friend who was there as well. I tried out the high five on my animation hud with Blaspheme and she said it looked like we were attempting to bitch slap each other. We chatted while pawing at the tree for a while before I logged off. I lost track of time! Sometimes I think it would be fun to not have an rl job and just hang out in-world all day like so many I’ve met, but then I think about how I’d rather have a paycheck and that’s the end of that. Work sucks, but for some of us it’s a necessity.

I think I’ve rambled enough for now. I’ll update with pictures later.


~ by Portia on December 12, 2008.

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  1. I’m there! If I remember.

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