Slick brought something for the house last night, a cuddle rug. It has a billion animations that will probably never get used for more than horsing around, but it’s nice. He also had a Christmas tree, but I declined on account of it being too primmy (89 prims!). Maybe I’ll pick up that tree I saw at Gritty Kitty.

Work was pretty great last night. I got to work with another great DJ I hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting before and he turned out to be really good. He played a lot of that harder metal that I like and even had his own non-cheesy DJ Chaosin/Caged Asylum interludes. The club was pretty full, chatter was lively, and everyone seemed to be having a good time. And tips were great! I’ve gotten in the habit of announcing the next night’s event if I come up with a good one while at work. I’m hoping that will encourage repeat visits. Tonight’s event will be accessories. Accessories only, should you choose to take that route. As a dedicated hostess, you can bet I’ll be taking it to the extreme. I’ve always made a point to be creative with my themed attire. I do what I can to make sure people are enjoying themselves enough to want to come back. I love it when events turn out like last night.
I did a little shopping after work. I went to the store where Blaspheme got her new pants but couldn’t decide on a color. I was leaning toward orange, but didn’t buy them because I couldn’t think of anything to wear with them. I returned to the store Slick took me to the night before to look at accessories but got distracted by the noob standing near the entrance. He needed a hug and I obliged. While I stood there hugging that noob-shaped piece of furniture, I dropped a few notecards on various people. Needless to say, I was sufficiently distracted and no longer interested in shopping at that store. I hopped off the noob and moved on.
I don’t know why I decided to seek out Good Vibrations again. I usually scroll right past my old landmarks, but Solare struck something within and I just had to go over. Since the closing of Greenhouse Club, I’ve been on the hunt for a similar haunt but haven’t had any luck. The old Good Vibrations location on Solare has been replaced by some crappy retailer and the old tai chi area is gone. The sim is now mostly mall, other shops, a camper club (same building as Mint!), more campers, and a few residences.
Solare has lost its charm. One used to be able to walk along the boardwalk behind homes and small shops and look out at the ocean. Now that ocean is a patch of empty parcels, presumably for rent yet lacking tenants. Not satisfied with my findings, I took to search. Good Vibrations is still alive!
The club was empty but a schedule was posted, so it’s definitely not dead. I played on the van for a while, smoked a bit, and continued on my journey. I figured I may as well look around at the sim while I was there.
The sim is laggy, the stream didn’t kick in until I was on my way out, and many of the builds are not much to look at. I did most of my exploration via cam because it was difficult to move at times. There were definitely a few interesting places, including a place for noobs to crash. I imagine my impression would have been better were it not for the incredible lag.
Just as I was about to leave, I saw a 7Seas fishing sign. This time, I donned my invisible non-animated rod to fish. When it became apparent that the fishing wasn’t gonna get better (something in the water maybe), I took my leave. I made one last attempt to choose a pair of pants and then went home empty-handed.

I spent most of my night alone. I spend most nights alone these days. Blaspheme’s got other friends she’d rather be with and I’m too..I don’t know. I don’t know why I don’t IM people and go hang out with them. I should but I don’t. RL overlaps SL once again. People like me but I’m not the first person anyone calls to hang out. Sometimes I think my friends don’t even really like me. Emo outburst over.

Sigh..I miss Greenhouse.


~ by Portia on December 11, 2008.

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  1. 😦 Awww. I like you.
    And no one calls me either.

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