This is your weekend on drugs..

The last several days are a blur to me, mind clouded by a combination of multi-symptom cold medicine and large amounts of Mountain Dew. There were times at work on Thursday when I wasn’t sure if my eyes and mind were playing tricks on me. Dave was DJing because whoever was scheduled didn’t show and no one else wanted it. While my feelings about the guy have gone from strongly dislike to fairly neutral, I have to say that we apparently the opposite taste in metal because I did not enjoy his set. Still, I’m glad he stepped up. He’s pretty good about stepping up when a host or dancers are needed. That makes him a-okay in my book. Anyway, Thursday was early into my illness, so you can imagine I was under a lot of medication while hosting that night. I spent much of the evening minding my own business or making jokes with Blaspheme and laughing at their banter. At one point I looked up and saw a giant freenis.
I looked up a moment later and the same fellow was sporting a penis skirt. I had to snap a picture to be sure I wasn’t loosing it. Even as I look at those snapshots, I’m unsure of my mental state at that moment. Work this weekend wasn’t bad.
When I reached the highest level my freebie fishing rod would allow, I took a trip to Les White‘s shop to see what a pro rod would cost me. The shop is situated right outside a race track that immediately distracted me. I looked around a bit, found a motorcycle rezzer, and took a ride around the track. I am such a bad SL driver! I tend to use wearable vehicles when exploring because I have trouble steering regular vehicles. Surprisingly I made it around the entire track without crashing or driving off into the harbor.
When I got to the end of the track I remembered what I was there for. The fishing rod! I started on my way to the store and was distracted yet again by more vehicle rezzers. This time I resisted the urge to try them out and continued on into the store, where I was greeted by a script scanner. The race track is a no-lag zone, so scripted anything is against the rules (I’m assuming during races) and my name was on the red side of the scanner. I figured I was alright since I was the only person on the sim, but you can bet if it had been bustling I would have detached everything. I’m the type who’ll hit up a massive sale wearing only system layers, prim attachments be damned. I’m not that vain. At events like the Hair Fair or Burning life, I was that person noob-walking around with no shoes and a bald head. ARC 1. But like I said, I was the only one there and the scanner merely mentioned that I was scripted. I continued shopping. The shop was filled with both land and sea vehicles, all quite impressive. I found the fishing rod and decided against it since it cost about the same as my 7Seas pro rod and aquarium set together. After browsing the store, I headed out to the vehicle rezzers to take a fishing boat out for a spin. This boat handled like a dream! So far I’ve done all of my fishing off of docks, but it would be so much fun to take a boat out with a few friends. This is the kind of thing I imagine doing with Madrox, but WoW has taken him hostage. Speaking of which, I hadn’t seen Slick for several days and it turned out he was off playing WoW.

Word has gotten out about my interest in becoming a DJ. The response has been positive. I think my SLife is about to get more interesting.


~ by Portia on December 9, 2008.

One Response to “This is your weekend on drugs..”

  1. I too am a bad sl driver.
    Heh, even in a virtual world, i prefer to walk.

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