I did it again

So I did it again. Just the other day I said I wouldn’t shit where I eat, but I already went and put in an application at Derailed. So why did I do it, you ask? Plain and simple, it was Simple. I was in-world before my shift at Caged when a manager asked the group if anyone could host the 5-7. I made a comment about how I’d do it, but I’m afk during most of that shift and he and I took the conversation to IM because the one staff member who decided to defend herself is the one my friend won’t work with. So we got to talking about things we think a host should do (one that I’ll be trying at Caged tonight) and he asked me if I had any other jobs. He suggested I give Derailed a shot, dropped me an application, and said to stick his name in there somewhere. I think I do need a change of scenery once in a while. The atmosphere is just so different from Caged. They aren’t in constant contest mode, so anyone who’s there is in it for the fun. And best of all, no dancer emotes. Dancer emotes, in my opinion, can kill an otherwise fun and friendly atmosphere.

That said, I quite enjoyed work at Caged last night. When I arrived I was notified that Amon would be my DJ. That made me a little apprehensive because the one time I’d heard him, someone told me he was into harder metal than what’s usually played at Caged and I was disappointed to hear him spinning most of the same old stuff with some Anal Cunt sprinkled in. DO NOT WANT. That was not the black/death/grind metal I was promised. Plus he had come off as a bit of a douche. Last night was different though. Amon really delivered, both on the music and the non-douchery. I wouldn’t mind hosting for that guy again.

Before work, I spent some time with Slick. He looks very different from the last time I saw him, what with his shiny new skin and shape. He stayed pretty close to his previous shape, though he is a little shorter now. I’m glad he didn’t go all beefcake because I would have had to kick him. ❤ realistic shapes 🙂 I’ll convince him to pose for me next time I see him.

It was a busy night for me. I was up far longer than I should have been, but I was busy having a good time. And I learned something last night. There’s 7Seas fishing in the abandoned subway 😀


~ by Portia on December 9, 2008.

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