I picked up a new hobby, 7Seas fishing. I was sitting around fishing off the rocky ledge on one side of my parcel, catching this and that and watching it poof, when I remembered seeing someone walking around with fish floating around her. I also remembered reading somewhere that all 7Seas fish are wearable, and the idea appealed to me. Fishing at home is a nice way to pass the time while I’m sorting inventory or something, but there’s something to be said for being able to keep and wear or display your catches. So I sat around and watched a few more catches poof (they’re set to temp rez) and then searched 7Seas. I bought myself a pole and loaded it with bait and then picked up an aquarium. I have piles of fish already and I’ve only been doing it for a little over an hour.
So while I could be out catching more fish for my aquarium, I find myself perched on a bubble in my back yard going through the motions under a starlit sky. Oh look! A frog. Blaspheme and I got a stream yesterday so now I’m playing DJ at home. I didn’t have any trouble this afternoon, but tonight I’m getting skips. I think I’ve fixed that problem, but I don’t know enough about how this works to actually do it in public. Anyway, it seems I’ve run out the usefulness of my free pole. I’ll have to buy another or reset the free one if I want to continue fishing at home. Maybe I’ll hit up a 7Seas area and leave the stream alone for now.
A snappy of my living room before I end this blog entry. Bonus for anyone who can name the video I’m watching.


~ by Portia on December 7, 2008.

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