skin deep

I spent much of the last week hunting for a new skin. While I absolutely love my Afrodite skin (I only own the pictured skin, not the entire pack) from Soul Skins, something about the lips was beginning to bother me. That skin has almost everything I look for in a skin, and yet, the lips bothered me. It’s my perfect shade of porcelain pale, the definition on the body is amazing, the makeup is lovely, and it even has a little patch of pubic hair. The lack of pubic hair on on most skins is a big pet peeve of mine. My rl pet peeves carry on into the SL universe, it’s inevitable. I’m no hardcore non-shaver, but I do like to have at least some pubic hair in both lives. There’s something about a hairless snatch that makes me shudder. Anyway, after grabbing demo packs from at least 10 different stores on Friday, I went back to my place and started trying them on. It’s a good thing I hadn’t stripped down as I usually do, because as I was waiting for the first demo to rez, I noticed a green dot on my minimap coming my way. As soon as she came in range, my scanner alerted me to her ever nearing presence. In moments, she was 3m away from me. She’d walked into my home and up the stairs and just stood there looking at me. Finally I greeted her and asked if she needed help. She gave me the usual noob response (“just looking”) and didn’t attempt any further conversation, so I politely told her that she’s welcome to look around but that the homes are private residences. She left without saying much. I suppose I could have been more welcoming, but I wasn’t in any mood to adopt a noob that night. I just wanted to try on my skins and enjoy my day off. While the estate is open to the public and explorer friendly, and I have pretty much invited anyone who reads my blog to visit, there is still a little thing called courtesy that many people seem to lack. For instance, when someone’s at home, don’t just come in and stare at them. If you want to stare at me while I’m changing, cam in from a distance, damn it! 😛
I stripped down when there were no more green dots on the map and continued trying on skins. I once mentioned to a friend that I like to take my demos home and try them on in the buff so I can fully inspect them and he laughed. I’m an extremely picky skin shopper. I wore the skin pictured above for the last few days so I could get used to the idea of wearing one with more color than I’m used to. I love the makeup on that skin, but can’t stand the skintone. I put on some lingerie for an event at Mint the other night and just had to wear a different skin because the lack of definition bothered me. I’ve tried on so many skins over the last few days, but when it came down to purchasing one, I chose one from the first set I’d tried on.
I used Juicybomb as a reference because Gogo tends to feature pale skins. The first one that caught my attention was one from Minnu‘s Moscow line. I headed over and grabbed all of the pale demos, and after several days of trying on those and many others, I decided on one from Minnu’s New York line. The makeup is exactly what I was looking for, minimal, resembling my rl makeup. The skintone has a little more color than I usually like, but it’s neither ashy nor orange like many other high end skins, so it’s grown on me pretty quickly. It doesn’t meet all of my requirements *cough*pubes*cough*, but I really do love this skin. I even bought new eyelashes and hair to match my new look. The eyelashes are from Deviant Kitties and the hair, like my current favorite, is from Magika. The new hair is a little shorter than the one I usually wear (Anti-Scissors) and red instead of silvery white. I think it suits my new skin. I’m going to have to set a new attachment point for the lashes though. They attach to the nose as opposed to the chin like my old lashes did and I’m really starting to miss my nose piercings.


~ by Portia on December 2, 2008.

7 Responses to “skin deep”

  1. You know all this talk of skins makes me realize, I should really start looking for skins that suit me better. Oh well, I’ll do it later as I am too lazy to even bother. And when, oh when can we start the hunt? Wait. That starts tomorrow!!!!

    We so have to skip work and hunt.

  2. I swear I must have tried on over 100 skins. Choosing one was so hard, especially since I was intent on only buying one. Skins are ‘spensive! Anyway, my favorites were at Minnu and Minajunk, if you’re wondering. I may pick up a Minajunk skin when I have more lindens because they’re just awesome.

    And yay hunt! Can’t wait 🙂

  3. I like the skins that keep me looking like a cartoon. The “realistic” skins scare the shit out of me. But yeah, skins is ‘spensive. I’ll look around. I just might get a little goth on you.

  4. You’re just afraid to confirm your assimilation. It’s too late 😛

  5. Never!!!! 😛

  6. theres something addictive about buying skins 😛
    i just love to try on loads and then whittle them down to my favourite. I am guilty of spending most of my Linden on skins i have to say *blush*
    Maybe im fickle, or maybe i just love trying new looks, i dunno 😛


  7. Skins are totally my weakness, S. So far I’m glad I can truthfully say I’ve been able to control my skin purchases. I will make special trips to try on demos of skins I see on the blogs though, just to get it out of my system. Gotta pay tier 😀

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