a glimpse of my holiday weekend

I feel like it’s been forever since I had anything to post. I tend to lose track of time during long weekends, so while it’s really only been a few days, I thought at least a week had passed me by. Let’s see if I can recount a little of the weekend.
I stayed in on Friday night, and instead of picking up a shift at Caged like I usually do when I stay in, I made use of some of the facilities at the estate. I skipped the whale watching since I’ve done that before and headed toward the new ice skating rink. That could be a lot of fun with the right company. Unfortunately I was alone, so I only skated for a few minutes before finding something else to do. I visited the restaurant, where I ate a shrimp cocktail and drank a martini. Yet another activity that would have been more fun with company. As I sat there alone, I started feeling lonely and wandered off to the pool to have a beer by myself. You know what they say about mixing poisons? I fell off my stool halfway into my first beer. It probably wasn’t the best idea to take my first dive while inebriated, but the icy water sobered me up instantly. Don’t try this at home, kids. And if you must, please remember to put on your mask and tank before you dive. Very important.
Come to think of it, maybe you really shouldn’t scuba dive while drunk, even if the water does shake you up a bit. If you’re anything like me, you might think it’s a fun idea to poke at squids and end up getting yourself inked. It sure was fun though. I don’t know if I had such a good time because scuba diving is a solitary activity or because I mixed alcohol.

When I was done diving I headed to the Star Trek Museum and had another look around. There’s so much to see and do that one can’t possibly do it all in one visit. And for some reason, there’s a Borg alcove in Ten Forward. One of these days I’ll put together a complete Borg avatar and my distinctiveness will be added to their own.
Speaking of assimilation, Blaspheme and I paraded around in this Christmas gift that’s been circulating the blogs last night. I put it on intent on taking Blaspheme to the new ice skating rink, but she wanted to show me her friend Rio’s place first and we got sidetracked as usual. It’s a nice place. I’d like to see it in action one of these days. After standing around awkwardly while Blaspheme made conversation with some dude named Crash, we wandered around and ended up in the parcel behind Rio’s place, a vampire role playing area. We made use of some poseballs and lounged around on a gravestone and scrammed as soon as someone else showed up.


~ by Portia on December 2, 2008.

One Response to “a glimpse of my holiday weekend”

  1. I have not been assimilated. I’m still me. 😛

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