brain spill

I logged in a little earlier than usual last night so I could check out a few things I’d seen in the blogs. I visited a few places, but the one that really stood out was this super cute shop called ~momo~. I don’t really have a style, so I just wear whatever tickles me. This place ticked me so much I nearly peed my virtual pants, everything’s just so freaking cute! I wanted to buy up the entire stock, but I managed to show some restraint and just grab the dollarbie so I can have a landmark handy when I’ve got more money. Or maybe I’ll have a shopping attack and go buy that cute dress with the bunny on it tonight.

While I was out shopping, I got an IM from the scheduled DJ saying he was sick and couldn’t work. He did give notice early enough for me to start looking for a replacement, but no one volunteered after a few requests from management. I started the event without a DJ and Brian offered his services a few minutes in. I’m really glad he did because even though the first hour was dead, I saw a lot of new faces into the second hour. Something is working. I made sure to announce tonight’s event and promote the club while the room was full. I got some feedback from a few of the newcomers regarding the contest board and passed it on to Brian. Now that I’m part of the owners group, I don’t feel like my hands are tied as far as promotion goes. I think people underestimate the usage and potential of SL’s events page. I know I used it quite a bit when I was new, in fact that’s how I originally found the Star Trek Museum! And now I’m living in the same estate. I see visitors at home daily, so I know it works. I think it can work for the club as well. I’m slowly but surely figuring out new ways to market in SL.

Other than work, I hung out with Slick. Seems my two housemates have gone MIA, so I’ve been doing goofy things with Slick lately. We spent more time painting Maeve rainbow colors. Slick learned a new trick where he draws on the ground and uses the temp prims as a walkway while he continues drawing his path. So hilarious! He mentioned that a friend of his managed to crash a sim by coloring so much, so now I want to take my crayon to the Crash Me region and give it a shot. I’ll take pictures next time, I promise 😀

My house now has a TV, compliments of Slick. He’s always watching YouTube videos and sending me links, so we may as well just watch them at the same time. The screen is huge! It nearly covers the entire wall it’s displayed on. A television was never high on my priorities list, in fact it was barely a blip, but somehow it completes the room. I left the video above playing. And I finally set up my group. On an overwhelmingly nerdy impulse, I named the group Redshirts and my parcel Redshirts’ Refuge. I thought it was appropriate not only because we’re living in a Star Trek estate, but because I think we can all relate the nameless expendables in some way or another.

On my list of things to do: post more events, set up a playlist for the tv, get my land associated with my group, sort inventory (ha!), give DJing a go, head back to Linden Village for pictures, and figure out what to do with the second floor at home. It’s a good thing I’ve got a few days off rl work coming up!


~ by Portia on November 26, 2008.

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