home, work, home again

So I’ve been slacking on my Meet the Lindens series. I’m so bad at this blogging thing sometimes, but I promise I’ll try to add at least one Linden to the series each week. What can I say? There are these rare occasions in my SLife that I just don’t have time for exploration. I keep getting caught up socializing. Ah, but I’m really starting to like this social stuff.

Anyway, my weekend was pretty busy. I didn’t work on Saturday afternoon because of rl stuff, but I was in-world much later and spent a lot of time with Slick. He gave me this neat crayon toy and we spent a good while drawing in the sky in the Maeve sandbox. I wish I’d taken some pictures because it was pretty freaking hilarious. Slick was working on a stairway and kept falling off as the temp prims disappeared and I spent my time drawing cages, silhouettes, and writing funny things in the air. Of all the goofy toys in my inventory, the crayon is my favorite. When we grew tired of drawing, we went back to my place to chill. At one point I mentioned being cold in rl and he gave me the hoody off his pixelated back. So yeah, there’s some of that social stuff I mentioned earlier. He’s a fun guy, and the more I get to know him the more I enjoy his company.

I went to work angry last night. Someone on the management team sent out a notice that just set me off. It wasn’t the content that bothered me, as I am generally supportive of management decisions, but the tone of the notice really irked me. It was a threatening tone, one that made me reevaluate my relationship with my workplace and those that run it. When I arrived my usual 15-20 minutes early, I made my withdrawal from the ATM and just waited quietly on a chair in the corner for the event to end so I could set up. While I was waiting one of the owners messaged me and explained the situation. I’m glad she did because while I was sitting there stewing, I was wrestling with the decision as to whether or not I would continue working there. No one likes to be threatened, and unless we are close personal friends, I don’t want to be anyone’s sounding board. Rant on your blog, rant to your friends, but be diplomatic when addressing your staff. Those who work hard and follow all the rules (ie, no voting for staff) will feel very offended and/or hurt when one of the heads of the work family shits on them. Things seem to be working out though, and I finally did get that owners group invite, so now I can post events on SL’s events pages. It was a quiet night, as they have been lately, but I’m hoping my advertising will help.


~ by Portia on November 24, 2008.

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