estate life

My events were canceled last night and the night before. I slipped into my Andorian skin and antennae and explored the estate the night before. I’m in the process of furnishing my new home, so I thought I’d take a look at the vendors in the common area. Of course, there was lots of stuff that I wanted, but I managed to only buy a Tuvok orchid and a 1 prim table to display it on. I still haven’t quite decided on decor, but I’m working it out. So far I have a living room set and photo studio indoors and a tree with a swing outside. I had a bed the other day, but I replaced it with a cute rug with kitty pillows and small chairs. Beds in my house never get used for more than sitting or sleeping anyway. Anyway, I took the workless night as my opportunity to enjoy the quiet estate. I took in a show next to a Shran plushie and loved him so much that I went and bought my own. I ❤ Jeffrey Combs in all his cinematic glory. Tell me, when is that man not doing something awesome? Never, that’s when. After the video and shopping, I went whale watching and took a look at the scuba diving area. Let me tell you, this estate is just so freaking beautiful. I’ll do a tour post one of these days, and I’ll even pump up the video quality and risk crashing between snapshots just to show how awesome it is.

Speaking of video quality, I set mine to the next higher setting for a few minutes last night and was in awe at the striking beauty of my surroundings. The sunset shone off the water’s surface like I’d never seen before, the water rippled, textures were richer, the grass was greener…it was like opening your eyes and seeing the world for the first time. I stood by the shore and saw my reflection! When the sun set, I tried on one of those facelights in my inventory that I’d long ago deemed useless. One was so bright it lit up the entire second floor of my home. I wanted to see more but was afraid to move that slider up another notch. I saw an intense drop in performance with just that minor change. But now my eyes have had a glimpse of the way things could be and upgrading my video card has moved up on my wishlist. It would have been easier if I’d done that when customizing my build back in January, but I had no idea I’d be joining SL a few months later. Finding a compatible card for my slim tower is going to be a pain.
When I found out I didn’t have work last night, I went home and sat around in the back yard for a while. I was alone for the first time in a long time and I couldn’t think of a damned thing to do! I thought about decorating but just sat there. I’ve become quite the social creature. A few friends were online, but I didn’t IM anyone. Slick was online, but since he didn’t IM me immediately as he always does, I assumed he was busy. I ended up shopping with Lunah for a bit and eventually went back to the island to pick a few more things. I was planning on leaving some stuff up until my time is up there but now I think I’ll pack up the rest tonight and notify the landlord. Gotta know when to let go, right?


~ by Portia on November 21, 2008.

2 Responses to “estate life”

  1. I LOVE Jeffrey combs! Reanimator was made by him! And all his roles in ST are just a joy to watch. I love the Andorian skin – the tattoos are perfect for it too!

  2. I very nearly wore a uniform, but I’m on shore leave damn it! I don’t think I’ve ever not liked a Jeffrey Combs role. He’s made of awesome. And thanks, I love that skin as well. When I first got it several months ago I didn’t have any white hair and had to I primarily wear silvery white hair!

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