first experience

Harajuku Female [original] 2, originally uploaded by Raizo Karas.

Do you remember your first experience in SL? Were you immediately drawn in, or do you feel like your first hour experience could have been better?

I remember mine clear as day. It was mid-May and I was operating under my first SL persona, Despina Ferber. I joined SL with a mission, to find out what this was all about so I could provide some insight for the SL project that had been proposed at work. In the physical world I’m a book slinger at a university library, and in the library world there is much interest in using SL as yet another way to reach the masses. While there are many libraries and educational institutions present in SL, my library is not among them nor will it be for quite some time. The project, along with Despina, was shelved shortly after its inception. I can’t help but wonder what happened to the sims the university purchased though.

Despina was created one afternoon in my office after a staff meeting. Because my work computer is severely deficient, Despina was not rezzed until that evening. My home computer kicks some SL ass, though it could stand a video upgrade. Upon rezzing, I looked around and headed toward the exit quickly. I figured I had enough gaming under my belt to figure this out on my own. As most noobs do, I took to the sky and headed off in one direction. I found a mall called the Welcome Galleria or something like that and wandered around a bit. This is where I had my first experience with lucky chairs. How ’bout that, shopping on my first day! While I was exploring this shopping center, a short pink troll-like fellow walked up behind me and introduced himself as a gooby. My griefer sensors were tingling, so I took to Google and found that he’d made it up. Armed with this information and a sense of humor, I carried on the conversation and played along like the adventurous gamer I am. After a nice chat, he offered me a lollipop that was poisoned, I barfed, and we had a good laugh. He then morphed into his usual form, a tall, pale vampire with long dark hair, and handed me a landmark to a club he DJ’s at. I went on exploring and he went on about his way. I think we would have been good friends had I not shelved Despina.

So what was the point of all this? Rika Watanabe‘s entry this morning got me thinking about how a person’s first experience in SL ultimately determines whether they’ll stay or not. This is true of new things in either life. My experience with the gooby/vampire definitely helped shape my second life in a positive way. While I generally won’t play tricks on noobs, I do often go out of my way to help them get acquainted with SL. It’s just a nice thing to do, and sometimes I even make a real friend from the interaction. So what was my point again? I don’t know, maybe I didn’t have one.


~ by Portia on November 19, 2008.

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