no need for a title

I finally got around to updating the Caged Asylum events calendar I set up when I started working there. This time I set up the events to recur weekly that way I don’t have to keep filling it in. If something changes, I’ll just go in and edit single events. I already had to do that because the scheduled DJ didn’t match the notice I got in my email. It’ll be easier to keep it up to date now. I still haven’t managed to remember to update my slurls though. One of these days…

I bought my first pair of prim eyes last night and I love them so much that I think I’ll never wear normal eyes again. I even went back for a few more pairs.

Work was quiet last night. That’s really all there is to say about it. Quiet. If I didn’t have my music on I probably would have heard crickets chirping. Blaspheme came and we started our usual banter, but our efforts at waking people up went unnoticed. There’s something unsettling about that place when it goes quiet. Hopefully tonight’s event will keep that from happening again.

After work I met Blaspheme and Lunah at home so we could figure out what we were going to do. Blaspheme went offline, but Lunah and I ended up shopping. I think I’ve created a shopping monster! 😀 Lunah and I are getting along great, which is awesome because so many people I meet who are in their first days just give it up and I never hear from them again. It seems this time I’ve made a real friend.

That’s pretty much it. My mind is all bleh from the change in routine.


~ by Portia on November 18, 2008.

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