Moving again

I finally remembered to contact the landlord about this openspace debacle and its effects on my home this weekend. I was less than pleased with the response. While she addressed my concerns in her exceedingly polite and forward way, the actual answer bothered me. The sim I’m currently living on will very likely be gone come the end of January. This is very much the outcome I expected, but I’m disappointed that she hadn’t informed me as soon as she’d made her plans. Her response was that she was planning to notify residents on the 25th, but since I’d asked she shared. See, if I hadn’t contacted her and just waited, I would have probably already paid more rent and then been pissed that I’d just paid more rent when I should have been saving up and planning a move. Obviously my having to move is not my landlord’s fault, nor am I upset with her, but I’ve been following this openspace business as long as its been an issue and I would have liked to know what her plans were. I suspect many tenants don’t even know what’s going on in that place where SL crosses into RL. Anyway, shortly after reading through the notecard, I planned an expedition.

The plan was to find another parcel to rent. Out of sheer curiosity, I ventured into Nautilus to see what was available there. The region I landed in was mostly empty parcels for sale, many outrageously priced and few for rent. The rental prices were reasonable, and even though I did find one parcel I absolutely loved, I decided to keep looking. I don’t know what reminded me that there used to be houses for rent in the Star Trek sims, but something did and the nerdy part of me (aka, all of me) just had to go see what was available. I don’t know if things have changed in the last several months, but I remember seeing mostly houses for rent when I first visited the Star Trek sims. Maybe they’re just all rented out. Anyway, I’m more interested in land at this point in my second life. So Lunah and I started visiting all of the available parcels on the notecard. Of course we loved them all, but there was one that stood out, one that I knew I just had to have. That house was my last stop for the night.

The next morning I showed it to Blaspheme and she loved it as well. We visited the last houses I hadn’t been to the night before but ended up back at that perfect parcel that the three of us fell in love with. The estate owner, Wabisabi Matahari, noticed us there and came over to offer assistance. I asked her a few questions and her answers and demeanor gave me a very good impression of her, not only as an estate owner, but as an individual. I made my decision that morning and bought the lovely parcel in Minshara. Yes, that’s a slurl to my home. Feel free to visit, just don’t get freaky in my bed (whenever I get around to furnishing the place :D). It’s a PG sim, which makes Blaspheme happy because she likes to run around in a child avatar at times. Because it’s a themed estate, there are some rules about outdoor decor, but there’s really nothing terribly restrictive. Parcels must remain open to the public, but we may ban people and lock our doors. And there are so many fun things available to residents. I’m so excited about my new home. I’m a landowner!

So while I’m going to miss the beach in Turtle Bay, I’m incredibly excited about my new home in Minshara. I remember visiting the region when I was new to SL. It was exciting then and even more so now. I own a little piece of the Star Trek themed estate!


~ by Portia on November 17, 2008.

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