A new friend, and my first personal drama

I haven’t been exploring at all this week! I made a new friend, both new to sl and new to my friends list, and I’ve spent a lot of time hopping across the grid showing her all my favorite shops. I met her at Caged a few days ago. I spent a lot of time helping her figure things out via IM while hosting that night. I took her freebie hunting after work and while at one of the stores she decided she needed a job. We talked about a lot of possibilities and I guess she pondered on them because the next day when I logged in she happily told me that she’d been hired as a dancer at Caged. Now that she has an income, shopping seems to be much more fun for her (duh). She seems to be adapting to SL very well, so maybe she won’t disappear like so many new folks do. Plus Lunah’s a really nice person. I look forward to developing this new friendship.

Work has certainly been interesting lately. I had what I consider to be a minor problem with one of the dancers turned hostess one night, but I suspect she’s taking it far more personally than she should. I arrived my usual 20-30 minutes early and sat on the sofa while I worked on setting up. Around 10 til, she starts chatting up the group about voting but she hasn’t even opened the board yet. It’s customary to open for voting at 15 til, and here she was telling us to vote and she hadn’t even opened voting yet. So in my usual blunt fashion, I called attention to it. Now anyone who knows me knows that I don’t speak up much when I’m not working or if my friends aren’t there, so my blunt little remarks usually get flooded out by the chat spam…meaning, I’m not one to intentionally be an ass. I just point out the obvious in a non-aggressive yet blunt way. She told me not to worry in her usual condescending tone and I responded with a simple ellipsis, indicating my annoyance. The DJ that was slated for my shift pointed it out in open chat as well. We were talking in IM and he was pretty annoyed too. She had no business dragging out the event like that. She didn’t open voting until one of the managers got in and told her to via IM, a few minutes into my shift. It was her first night acting as hostess, but she’s no noob at Caged. She should know our procedures. She sent me an IM to say that no one told her how to host, so I just laid it out for her and let the conversation die. She probably thinks I called the manager, but it was pure coincidence that he showed up when he did.

She stuck around and did her dancer thing for a while before leaving. She showed up a few minutes into voting and then got upset that her name wasn’t up there anymore. I make a point to hit the check button right before opening voting so the board can clear out names of people who’ve left, that way people don’t inadvertently vote for someone who isn’t even in the room. Again, not a new thing. While she made it clear that she thought someone removed her from the contest because it’s happened to her before, the manager speculated that it might be a glitch. We offered to unlock it so she could join, but she was intent on playing the victim. She hasn’t been hanging around while I’m working and when I’m there just for fun, she’s unusually quiet. So while she may be taking the whole thing personally, I’m letting it drop. I mini-ranted to the two people who noticed I was upset that day and haven’t felt the need to say anything until today’s blog. The only real reason I’m even blogging it is that I like to record events that have affected me. Other than that, I’m applying my rl working relationship philosophy to SL. I am not obligated to like or be friends with everyone I work with, nor am I obligated to participate in whatever drama people may be cooking up because of that first bit.

Other than the mini-drama, work has been a roller coaster ride with super fun highs and lows that border on depressing. Yesterday was a lot of fun. We had to scramble to find a DJ, but Brian stepped up to the plate quickly. And!…he’s added my DJ stumping song to his regular set. I was a little worried that no one would show up because our high rolling VIP had increased the prize to phenomenal proportions for the last two events (6,666L for the first and 10,500L for the second) and there’s no way we could have matched that. As I suspected, the room cleared out once the winners were announced (I won 3,333L and Lunah won 2,222L during the first event :D), but different people trickled back in so it worked out fine. I have decided I’m going to take up DJing though, because I want to be able to cover that DJ shift if necessary.

I still haven’t spoken to the landlord to find out what’s going to happen to my happy little parcel. I need to make a point to contact her soon because I don’t want any surprises springing up. I know there are really only two possibilities, both leading up to my having to move. The real question is when.


~ by Portia on November 15, 2008.

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