Meet the Lindens – Robin (and a glimpse of Xan)

Because I didn’t save a landmark the last time I visited Linden Village, I had to find it again via search. I’d arrived there previously as a result of my obsessive profile reading/picks exploring, so off course, I landed far from the spot I’d visited before. This time I materialized on a dock with a hot air balloon and a sign suggesting I take a ride. I stood around for a moment waiting for the noob to make her move but she never did. Politely as ever, I asked if she was going to take the tour and her head was suddenly hanging. Away. I hopped in the balloon and waited for takeoff.
If I look bored, it’s because I was. The balloon ran its course way too high above the village way too quickly to be of any use. I didn’t even get a chance to cam around, that’s how fast and short it was [insert “that’s what she said” comment here]. Plus the noob had boarded right before takeoff and was asking a bunch of dumb questions. From her tone, I suspect she won’t last long in SL. She kept asking me things like what the point of the balloon ride was, what can she do here (meaning Linden Village), and who the Lindens are. When the ride was over she just walked off. I offered my help, but she was out of chat range when she replied so I have no idea what she said. I didn’t really care though. I enjoy helping newcomers out when it feels like they have a genuine interest. When they’re rude or make serious SL faux pas (a/s/l anyone?), I am immediately put off. But I digress.
I was feeling a little touristy, so I did the tourist thing and took a picture by a sign and sat around drinking a glass of iced tea before moving on. The balloon tour is an interesting novelty, but largely useless.
I jumped off the dock, waded through some Linden trees, and found myself in Robin Linden‘s meditation circle. I was greeted by butterflies and the sound of wind chimes. Robin‘s little office parcel is the picture of serenity.
It was there in Robin’s back yard that I acquired my first Linden bear. The bear is ridiculously cute, though could stand to have a hold script added. I forgot to check if I could modify it. Note to any Lindens who read this: I want your bear! I plan to collect all I can. I figure if I’m going to be all touristy, I may as well come away with souvenirs 🙂
Robin Linden, for those who didn’t click the previous links, is the VP of Marketing and Community Development. To quote her wiki:

I work to give SL Residents a voice into Linden Lab through programs like Second Life Views, and a role in shaping the SL experience through volunteering and contributing ideas to the design process.

I read elsewhere that she’s to be credited for the community meetings.
Her little office hut is just lovely as well. Robin’s parcel is the sort of quiet serene space that I like to visit when I want to be alone but also want to leave the house. I stumble upon these places usually when I’m exploring but have never seen one much larger than a small parcel.
On an adjacent parcel was this platform with a color changing pyramid and nothing more. The land information indicated that this was Xan Linden‘s parcel, but his office had relocated. There isn’t much information on the web about him, save that he’s a Data Warehouse Linden. I’ll pick up at his relocated office, hopefully armed with a little more information.


~ by Portia on November 11, 2008.

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