We held a love themed event last night at Caged to celebrate the partnering of two staff members. Frankly I was a little put off about the idea, but it turned out to be fun, especially once the crowd had thinned out. Yeah, it was a nice idea to celebrate the union for people who have become family to other staff members, but mushy themes just don’t bring in a lot of people. Plus I had a theme, damn it! Now my toes hurt.

Anyway, I started out dateless but ended up spending most of the time dancing with Strider. He hadn’t been online in a while but now that he is, we’ve been hanging out once in a while. With Blaspheme spending less time in-world and Slick MIA, I’ve been pretty lonely outside of work. Maybe that’s why I work so much. Even there I feel like the odd man out. Sometimes SL is too much like RL. It seems like all the popular people play the super bitch, and if you want to be accepted, you play along. I remember a conversation that barely even qualified as a conversation that was basically one woman going on about what a cold-hearted bitch she is and everyone else patting her on the back. I was mostly silent. Isn’t anyone nice anymore? None of the people with whom I’ve developed friendships fit into that mold. I don’t know where I’m headed with this. Just venting, I guess.

I really need to figure out a way to use voice without waking the light sleeper. It’s time the person behind the avatar emerged.


~ by Portia on November 7, 2008.

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